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The Shocking Truth In Nadine Gordimer’s Country Lovers

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I do not think one can ever be prepared for the cultural shock of some stories. The acts of what is normal for one society and the one in which we live can be drastically different as seen in the short story of Nadine Gordimer’s Country Lovers. One typically hopes for the best in any piece of literature however, often literature tails the tale of horrible truths, even if a fiction. Country Lovers is one great example of a dramatic truth that can be discovered in different cultures around the world. Sadly, visual differences are not always accepted.
I found Nadine Gordimer’s Country Lovers story to be very disturbing because of its depiction of segregation and intolerance of those who ...view middle of the document...

Simple words like detest, hate, and despise, cannot even begin to describe how I felt toward his actions on the baby. It was like a horrible demonic nightmare happening in my mind. I could not understand how two could love each other so much and he destroy the evident of their love like that. Moreover, the fact she did nothing to prevent it just floored me. It saddens me greatly of the cultural differences that are present in a South African society.
In this story, Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer, it is clear this is a story of inter-racial relationships and the intolerance held by the culture of South Africa in the 1970s (Clugston, 2010). We see how the innocence of children do not see the differences that are so obvious to adults. We see that love can come from anywhere without provocation. That if not for prejudice or racism in a society, love could have been nurtured. Inter-racial relationships are common for our culture however, not for Paulus and Thebedi even though they loved each other (Neel & Shapiro, 2012). That looking in from the outside on an incident occurring could be a severely immoral cultural shock compared to our own. It is a no wonder why...

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