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The Short And Long Term Effects Of Obesity On The Body

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Obesity is a huge issue, not only in america but worldwide. Many methods of preventing obesity exist, and there are many ways to reverse bad choices leading to obesity. There are also many causes and effects of obesity, some are more common than the other. Not to mention when being obese you put yourself at risk for type two diabetes. You can prevent obesity and type two diabetes easily, if you know how to and have the will power. There are many causes and effects of obesity, also there are ways to prevent obesity, one effect of obesity is type two diabetes.
First of all there are many causes of obesity, A lot of people ask why is there such a large increase of obesity in the last twenty years, and there are many simple answers, and there are many complex answers. One reason people over thirty are becoming more obese is when they are working all day, and they get a lunch break, no matter where you ...view middle of the document...

The long term effects are increased chance of heart attack or stroke, which is the leading cause of death in adults. Another long term effect is joint problems, which can be very bad, in overweight people they are putting enough stress on their joints, which could cause them to collapse, and injure themselves. Also the most important long term effect of obesity is cancer. A lot of obese people will experience sleep apnea, which means they have troubles sleeping, this is a sign of cancer, if you are obese and have troubles sleeping see a doctor immediately. The short term effects of obesity are also very serious.

The short term effects are heavy breathing, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and difficulty standing or walking. Other effects that don’t fall into short or long term effects are lack of motivation, and being a bad role model.

Last but not least there are two types of diabetes. Type one, and type two, type one is the form of diabetes you are usually born with. Type two is the form due to obesity, and poor health habits. There is ways to reverse type two diabetes and that is by eating healthy, exercising, and being smart. Not smart like book smart, but smart about your body, think to yourself “is this a good idea” before doing something controversial. Visit your doctor about your diabetes, and ask him/her for a eating and working out schedule.

Preventing obesity and type two diabetes is easy. All you have to do is eat healthy, and exercise regularly. 1 out of 5 obese Americans have type two diabetes. Exercising for an hour a day is a great way to lose weight, also doing aerobic exercises helps a lot. The key thing to doing all of this is will power. Type two diabetes is reversible, and very easy at that.
Obesity is a huge issue in America, and other countries. It takes a lot of effort to prevent obesity, it also takes a lot of effort to reverse obesity. Will power, positive influences, and helpful peers are key to reversing obesity. There are many causes and effects of obesity, also there are ways to prevent obesity, one effect of obesity is type two diabetes. Do you think you have what it takes to stop obesity?

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