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The Short Story ‘This Is What It Means To Say

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The short story 'This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona,' has various locations or settings. These include different locations on the reservation, the airplane, the trailer in Phoenix, and the long road through Nevada. Do these settings have any influence on the character actions? To further understand how each of the different settings affects the story's plot we can look at each individual location in detail. As we read the book we are left to wonder if the characters are led to act as they did and whether or not crises or conflicts are also created because of the settings.The first setting is at the reservation and this occurs after Victor loses his job and his luck takes the nastiest of turns when he is told that his father had died. When Victor, approaches the tribal council and informs them that he needs financial assistance and they offer him what they have available, we get the impression that he objects.When one thinks about how the people on this particular reservation have no use for money, why would Victor who apparently has no form of savings feel like he deserves more than he was offered? His statement 'that's not even enough for a plane ticket' leaves us wondering if he is difficult to please or if he is just being unreasonable in this situation? When he is at the Trading Post and is waiting in line, Thomas approaches Victor and starts to talk to him, Victor is embarrassed because all the other Indians are staring at them. One is left to wonder if this because Thomas happens to be the community's 'outcast', or if Victor is afraid that the people will say he finally talked to a man (Thomas) he had ignored for years because he is hoped that Thomas had the finances to get him to Phoenix. Maybe in this case the saying 'desperate times call for desperate measures', is a very good example, after all this is a man who he had mistreated for years.When two men are finally aboard the plane, coach section and on their way to Phoenix, Thomas strikes up a conversation with a woman who happens to be a gymnast is in the seat next to them.When she mentions how the government had boycotted the 1980 Olympic Games, Thomas tells her that she apparently has a lot in common with the Indians even though she does not realize it and even though he is considered one of the wisest people in Spokane, I guess even the wisest mind has something to learn. He gets his lesson when Victor goes on to tell him that her conversing with them was all...

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This Is What It Means To Say Pheonix, Arizona: Theme Paper

623 words - 2 pages if my father had died, just because it was so ridiculous.In closing, I think that this was a story that was meant to teach you something: optimism is one of the only effective weapons against depression and the troubles that cause it. I think that without Thomas in this story, it would have been a lot harder for Victor to make it through in one piece. We can all learn from Thomas's example and I think that Sherman Alexie did a very good job of displaying the theme that I found throughout the story.

This is Waht it Means to Say Pheonix, Arizona, by Sherman Alexie

874 words - 3 pages In “This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix Arizona,” found in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, by Sherman Alexie, we are reintroduced to Victor and learn that his father has passed away. Victor and his childhood friend Thomas Build-the-Fire’s embark on a journey to Arizona to obtain Victor’s father’s ashes. Thomas reveals that he had made an assurance to Victor's father years before to help him when the time came. Although Victor had

This short story is called "Fight For Justice". it is a story about war and the horror of battle

1117 words - 4 pages bomb go off. When we looked into our binoculars, we saw that the building was blown to little bits and there wasn't one part that stayed. While meticulously scouring the area, I found the impossibly hard to find goldish-yellowish light again. This light helped save 3 lives in this brutal and hard-core war between the national army and the state security. I wonder, will this war ever be over? Who would win? Well, after everything is done with, I will write another short story about the tales of the battle of hope and encouragement.

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588 words - 3 pages "Everyday Use"Family Past Means a Lot to the Present In "Everyday Use," by Alice Walker we meet two sisters, Dee and Maggie, who are completely different from one another. The story takes place in the South during the 1960's. It was the time of the Black Power Movement, when African Americans were fighting for their rights. Many had to struggle and decide whether they wanted to assimilate and blend in with the world around them, or

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944 words - 4 pages taking the time to ask, Leroy does not understand why Norma Jean would not want to live in this log house. He never reveals the true reason of why he wants to build this house; however, it is clearly obvious that he believes that it would be the key to saving their marriage. Despite Leroy's strong determination to build this log house, his wife on the other hand, has extremely contradicting wishes.Norma Jean is a very unhappy woman, she wants to

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762 words - 3 pages it shouldn't be accepted. Given the times (1940's), Mrs. Ericson would have risked quite a bit (status, friends, acceptance) had she stood up for Marian; however I believe that is part of what teaching is all about.I believe that people are still fighting in this societal war. Going against the mass majority of your peers is never easy; however when a child is involved, the consequences are trivial. Mrs. Ericson failed Marian is so many ways. Pre-service teachers, who read this story, should take away the importance of supporting your students. Every student deserves to feel believed in.

This is a short story of mine

656 words - 3 pages ' room and asked politely: "May I go camping with my friends in this summer? ""Why would anyone want to go camping?" answered sarcastically his mother."I, I want to go!" replied tightly. Surprised by her son's voice, Mrs. Burston said: "Well, you may want to talk to your father then." John went to study room immediately and asked his father the same question. His father said dully: " Of course you can." John ran back to his mother and said

An essay on a short story from the "riverside reader". This essay is a responce to the short story Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut

737 words - 3 pages Vonnegut and forced him to develop it into a short story. Those who are familiar with Kurt Vonnegut's writing will certainly recognize some other themes of this story. For example the fear of de-humanization of human beings, being stuck in amber (Harrisons inability to overthrow the system) and so forth. In "Harrison Bergeron", Kurt Vonnegut presented a scary view of a future society, where everyone was equal. "Nobody was smarter than anybody else

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584 words - 2 pages This essay is about a character named Ranga from "The Edge" by R.K. Narayan. Ranga was a product of his environment; being born into poverty he never really had a chance to be successful. He stayed in an abandoned building called Krishna's Hall while he worked at his knife sharpening business. He was a hard worker and did his best to bring home enough rupee's to maintain a living for his daughter and rather 'difficult' wife. He sharpened knives

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5008 words - 20 pages have a mocking tone to it. He didn't like the sound of it. Before he could argue, she sat the cup down in front of him and stared at him with a hollow expression. He glanced down at the cup and realized that it was filled nearly to the top with what appeared to be dishwater. "What the hell is this?" he said surprised at the language and tone of voice that escaped his lips. Cheryl had turned her back to him and was walking away; she paid no

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641 words - 3 pages friends as they talk of this " Ship-Trap Island" with the bad reputation and nights of black. It makes us wonder what this island has that is so bad and dark. Our curiosity latches onto this part of the story. That is why the setting is so important.These three elements: suspense, point of view, and setting, are in my opinion, the most important elements in this short story that is powerful and luring. They hold the story together and bind it to

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1356 words - 5 pages cardboard box which contained half of his father”(Alexie). This quote shows that Victor and Thomas share the same father. By inflicting violence towards his brother, whom they share blood, Victor is establishing a separation between him and his family. Not only does Victor express anger towards his heritage, but Victor also expresses feelings of hatred toward his father. The title of the short story, “This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona

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