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The Short Term And Long Term Causes Of The Protestant Reformation

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The protestant reformation of 16th century had both: immediate and long term effects. Thus, we can see that it was a revolution of understanding the essence of religion, and of what God is. The protestant reformation is said to a religious movement. However, it also influenced the economical, political and social life of people. The most global, short term effect of the reformation was the reevaluation of beliefs, and, as a result, the loss of authority of the Holy Roman Empire. The long term effects were: the emergence of new heretical movements, the declining of papacy, thus the reevaluation of people’s view on the church and life values.
The reformation is generally associated with the publication of Martin Luther ninety five theses. It was his way to show the protest against the “business” made on religious people: the Holy Roman Empire was earning money on selling people indulgences. Martin Luther got the support of German princes, who were on the same side, but with different motives (they wanted to get autonomy). Luther was the great part of reformation, his influence was immediate, and people listened to him. One of the immediate effects of reformation can be observed in the development of that times writers. For example, Francois Rabelais satirized church, writing about their “business” in humorous way. The other writers, like Erasmus wrote more specifically about the pappy and their role in the lives of ordinary Christians. The major short term of reformation was about the informational acknowledgement, Luther told people the truth about the papacy and their actions, and the reaction of people was immediate: the loss of respect to church, papacy. These results were really strong, because people felt that, all the dogmas they believed earlier were untrue. Luther established the church of England, thus made a kind of “connection” of religion and politics. The centers of education were mostly concentrated in church, but after the reformation, people took into account the other possibilities to study. So, it was in some way the beginning of educational reform.
In 15th century people were “ready” to be influenced, and the innovations in printing allowed the reformation to spread among a huge amount of people. As a result religion was concentrated on the spiritual figures, rather than on priests, because priests were said to be not as dedicated to religion, as they wanted people to see them. The criticism of church led to reevaluation of values, the effect of it we can in art and philosophy of that time, which were...

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