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Christine Russell Religion 1 9-10-01 Shroud of Turin The Shroud of Turin is believed to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus. Some people think that an artist painted the image in the Middle Ages. Others believe that it was a random fluke of nature. No one has been able to prove that the Shroud of Turin contains the image of Jesus himself through history or through science. However, there is a lot of scientific proof that leads us to believe the image is of Jesus.In 1977 forty scientists studied the Shroud of Turin for over ninety-six hours as part of a scientific research group called Shroud of Turin Research Corporation (STURP). They decided that the Shroud was not fake and that the image was made by a chemical reaction of the burial cloth linen. They also discovered that the ancient blood on the shroud was real and existed on the cloth before the image of Jesus was formed. Dirt found on the cloth was also traced to Jerusalem. Other evidence shows that the man's image on the cloth is so anatomically correct that no medieval artist could have painted it.Dr. Max Frei, a member of the STURP group, took samples of the matter on the surface of the linen with scotch tape. When he viewed the samples under a microscope he found and identified spores of fifty-eight different plants. Many were plants that grow only in and around Jerusalem. Researchers have even said they believe that a type of pollen from a thistle near to Jesus' shoulder came from the same plant used for Jesus' crown of thorns.When Secundo Pia was photographing the Shroud of Turin in 1898 he realized that the image on the shroud...

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The Shroud Of Turin Essay

680 words - 3 pages opinion about this topic.We are sure that you might find information that would make you doubt about it but you never know if you don't search for the answer.Body.The shroud of Turin as many know claims to be the piece of linen in which Jesus Christ was wrapped in when he was crucified and berried in the tomb. People started to take notice of this cloth because when a man called Secondo Pia took a picture of this shroud you could see from the

Shroud Of Turin Essay

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