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The Sicilian Quest Of Micheal Corleone Essay

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The year is 1950, Michael Corleone’s time in Sicily is coming to an end, but before he leaves to America, Michael must complete a task for his father, Don Vito Corleone. Michael’s task is to help a Sicilian bandit/hero, Turi Guiliano, to escape Sicily to America. Michael is to meet with Don Corce, chief of the Mafia family of Montelepre and Palermo, to discuss his task on escorting Turi Guiliano to America; Michael’s orders are to meet with Turi but if there are any delays what so ever he is to leave without Turi.
While Michael is at the house of Turi Guiliano’s parents, he learns that Turi does not trust anyone but his dear cousin Aspanu Pisciotta and his godfather Hector Adonis, but most of all he despises and distrusts Don Corce. Since Turi is not trusting, he demands for his pregnant wife, Justina to be sent to America first, and then when she confirms that it is safe in America, by sending a code back to Hector Adonis, then he will go himself.
1947, it is time to vote for a government party in Italy. The Christian Democrats have asked Don Corce to help with the campaign (all of The Dons are with the Christian Democrats) but he knows that the people of Sicily will not be in favor of the Christian Democrats, so The Don asks his good friend, Hector Adonis to bring in his godson Turi Guiliano to meet with him. At the meeting Don Corce tells Turi that his life of banditry cannot go on forever, and he asks Turi to help the Christian Democratic Party to win the election, and in return The Don promises to get the minister of Rome, Minister Trezza to pardon him. Although Turi hates the Christian Democrats, The Don had made an offer that he cannot refuse.
The elections are over and the Christian Democrats have lost, and Turi Guiliano had done all he could to help. Turi had gone to Don Corce to ask about his pardon that was promised, but Don Corce refused. Before the elections were over, Turi had gotten a signature from Minister Trezza for pardoning him. With that signature and a few other documents Turi had put together a testament made to corrupt the government, and with that testament he remains safe by threatening to publish it if he were to die.
Later on six of The Dons had been blocking a public field with their horses, which is meant for the people of Sicily, and refusing to stop. After a while Turi Guiliano shows up and demands them to leave, but the keep going without giving Turi any attention. Out of his own honour, Turi shots the leg of the leading Don’s horse, after the Don falls the others trip over his horse like a domino. When they all get up, Turi gives them a minute to make their prayers and make peace with God, once their minute is up Turi shoots each one in the head...

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