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The Side Effects Of Drugs Essay

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The rain trickled down my face, and onto my bare shoulder. Great. I thought to myself as I hurried my passé down the street. I didn't really know where I was going, but I was more than certain that I wasn't going to go back. Never. I couldn't ever show my face there again. Nor could I face Riley. Shit. Riley. I hadn't even thought about him. What was he going to say? What was he going to do to me? As the thoughts raced through my head I began to feel lightheaded. Everything started spinning. I sat down on the cold, wet gravel. He's going to kill me this time. Literally. I lay back on the grass. I laid there for a couple of hours not realizing how much time had pass. I was startled when I heard the Honking noise of a car.

"Really?" I started to raise my voice as I shot up from the grass, "What the hell do you want?" I arose from the ground and looked into the window as it rolled down.

"Well, I was wondering if you needed a ride." I saw the figure in the car and my cheeks began to burn. The tan complexion, sparkling gray eyes, blonde hair that falls perfect above the ear neither to short nor to long; It was Chase.

"Chase, you scared the hell out of me." a smirk appeared on his face, as he leaned over unlocking the passenger door.

"Get in the car Maddox," I tried not to smile and got into the car.

"I have a first name, Asshole" I spoke, trying to sound irritated. He peaked over at me making a disgusted face and a fake gagging noise.

"You smell like a wet dog and look like shit," I rolled my eyes.

"Thanks, nice to see you too."

"What happened, babe?" He asks as he began to drive away.

"My name is Blake first of all. Second, I really don't see why you care." I twisted a little in my seat so that I was facing him. It was true; I didn't see why he cared about me at all. I wasn't stable. I push everyone I love away, including him. I'm still recovering from my last "lose weight" outbreak, which got a little out of hand. I started starving myself and I got to the point where I was hospitalized. The nurses forcing food down my throat. Last but not lease, I was seeing Riley. Riley. He claims he loves me. At times I actually believe him. Other times I doubt it. People are always telling me to leave him. I shouldn't let him push me around the way that he does. I know they're right. I know he treats me like shit. He pushes me around. He’ll lay his hands on me if I don't do what he wants or if I don't do something right. I can't leave him though. If I try he'll talk me into staying. He always does. Plus, I'm kind of scared to. He said he'd come after me. I'm terrified of him. The thoughts of Riley drifted away as Chase laid his hand on mine.

"You know I'm here for ya." He spoke sympathetically. His voice lingered in my ears. I was debuting on pulling my hand away or not. Chase and I had been friends a really long time. We met in the first grade when I had moved in...

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