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The Side Effects Of Social Media

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We live in a world with technological advances that are rapidly changing right in front of our very eyes. The main focus here is the effects of social media globally and locally. There are many positives and negatives that social media has on our society. In this essay we will be taking a look at social media locally in our own country and globally through other countries around the world.
Is social media a positive or negative thing in our world today? That is probably one of the most frequent questions that are asked each and everyday. There are really two views that our society thinks about social media. There are the people that think social media is advancing for the better and is serving for a revelation that will change the way the world will be forever. Yet, there are others who seem to believe that social media has a severe negative impact on our society today.
Let me start off with the simple positive effects of social media in our society today. Social networking allows us to have great friends and build incredible relations. Social networks happened to start out as a common place for us to connect with friends in an easy and quite simple way. If I can be honest, many people found old friends back in the day when you might have been in high school or even college. Or possibly a younger teenager found there uncle on a social networking site that they have not see in quite sometime. There are many who actually praise social networking for allowing them to connect with family members that they do not get to see very often, and the long lost friends that they haven’t been able to talk to since high school or college. Social networking has definitely been positive in allowing us to connect with people and create better friendships with friends who we might have not had the privilege of meeting personally, and letting them know about what has happened in our lives throughout the years and the events that are occurring in their lives as well.
Now another positive effect is reduction of the communication walls. With social networking we are able to communicate through a diverse amount of topics with a mass amount of people to make a difference and change something for the better. There are many sharing features on many social networking sites that allow many different topics to be shared and reach out to a huge number of people and get incredible responses. These mass amounts of responses even reach out to those people that may not even be on your friend’s list on that particular social networking site.
Another great positive effect of social media is the endless oppurtunities that it can offer for business. Being that social media has become such a big part of our everyday lives, as soon as we power up our computers social networking is the first sight we open up to. Businesses have become aware of the power of social media and how it is conquering many people’s lives and how many people actually have a social network profile. Being...

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