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The Sigma Project Essay

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For the last several years, the one issue that has been bringing the United States into a state of trouble that it has not been seen since the great depression has been the monstrous Foreclosure problem. Thousands of people have lost their houses. Thousands of people have faced the dangers of debt and chaos. Thousands of people lives have been ruined because of the mistakes that Americans have done in this nation. In order to solve the problem, one must take a look at how it started and how this depression began. Around eight-nine years ago, the market in housing caused many people to chase after it. This caused a mistake of creating a domino affect that has hurt banks from lending out the high amount of money to people and finding out they are unable to sell them back because of the ridiculously high prices in mortgages people faced. Which caused banks to crash down because they were never able to obtain their money because the people failed to sell the high price houses they bought with the money. Thus, causing hundreds of people to lose their jobs and if people did not have jobs, they were not able to shop for anything. If people were not able to shop for products, then stores would start closing down due to lack of business and more cut back in jobs. Moreover, when gas was high, it caused a higher rate with transportation and therefore the cutback on truck drivers and manufactures. With businesses going down, prices on items started to rise up to keep up their payments as well. When such chaos went across the nation, the world had experienced the second great depression once the stark market collapse due to the lack of sells.
The economy faced a terrible trauma because people did not have a control of buying things anymore or paying off their loans. People were not able to buy the high priced houses that retailers were selling and more people started to go down in business and bring down the banks with them because of the lack of payment. Foreclosure has caused more people to fall into darkness and head to the path with stealing and crime and it must be stopped. Foreclosure is deepening every day and it worsens in every state by every second.
Therefore, in order to fix this nation from the nasty situation it is in and the foreclosures, the best place to go to the source of how it all started, which is to fix the torn down job market. By fixing the job market, more people will start working and buying products, more taxes will be paid for to help the government build their states, and the domino affect on foreclosures would be fixed. For the foreclosures to see the end of its days, we must destroy the great depression. Therefore, in order to embark on this act, I propose a plan called the Sigma Project.
The goal of the Sigma Project is to create a mass production of jobs that operates by having each country who agree to be in the project sell a mass production of three chosen products to their designated countries that...

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