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The Sign Of Four Essay

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The Sign Of Four

In the beginning of the novel Dr. Watson says that he has seen Sherlock Holmes take cocaine three times a day for many months. Dr. Watson tells Holmes about the danger but Holmes disagrees and tells him that the drug relaxes and clears his mind. He uses cocaine due to no work.
A lady named Mary Morstan comes to talk to Holmes for a case which she assures him is unusual. Miss Morgan's father vanished some years before. He had got a twelve month notice from his Indian regiment and sent word to her to meet him at his hotel.Major Sholto was Mary Morstan only friend in London, the two had been in the same regiment together. Miss Morstan has now received a letter which urges her to meet with the personal sender that same night. The sender permits her to bring two friends as long as they are not cop related. She shows holmes a paper which she found with her father's things after his disappearance, the document appears to be a map and a sign with four crosses,below the sign are the words "The Sign of Four" along with one english name and three indian names.
Holmes figures out that Major Sholto died about six years previously, within a week of the date of his passing Miss Morstan received her first pearl. On his death bed Major Sholto told his sons that whilst in India he and Morstan came into possession of a large quantity of treasure. Sholto was about to tell his sons the location of the treasure when he caught sight of a man at the window and died without imparting the whereabouts of the treasure. The two brothers made every effort to find the treasure after their father's death but were not successful. Late that night Sholto is announced dead, poisoned by a thorn stabbed into his skin. A note...

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