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The Importance Of A Creative Approach For Caregivers

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What is creativity?According to Schirrmacher, creativity can be explained as:1•Attitude NOT an aptitude•Process of doing things•Whether or not there is an end product•Skill requiring exercise•Set of personality traits, different for every individual; and•Set of environmental conditions that can shape and/or influenceCreativity involves seeing the same thing as everybody else and thinking of them quite differently, wandering outside the paths that have been laid down by people and exploring new ones. It is allowing one self to make mistakes, to expand their universe of possibilities and see alternatives that had not seemed evident. Most people are creative to various extents. It is just that some people act on their ideas while others ignore them (for various factors discussed below). Inventors and artists take action on their ideas. And just like them, each of us can be creative if we recognize our unique talents and develop mastery in those areas. That is no guarantee that the world will recognize us however, it does provide the soul satisfaction that comes with living a creative life. The experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly enhance the development of their creativity.Indeed, expressions of creativity starts early in life and they either expand or narrow as life progresses, depending on the response it receives.4, 5 We are all creative only at different levels and this creativity can be learned. For instance, Wang Yani, at the age of only two had shown the world that with the proper guidance (her environment), support (her father), and determination (herself) one can excel their level of creativity.1 Although everyone else, like Yani, has a creative potential, not everyone is fully in touch with it. As children grow older, they may begin to lose contact with their natural creative abilities and therefore lose contact with the energy that allows them to feel fully alive.1 Different children have different levels and abilities of creativity, much like anything else that is a skill; and like other skills, creativity can be developed. Schirrmacher says that creativity and risk taking depends on competence and self-esteem which arises from unconditional love from significant adults and autonomy and freedom.1Importance of a creative approachMoreover, it is important for caregivers to ensure that they themselves are creative and then they should follow a creative approach to the development of creativity in children. This can be done by making space and time in everyone’s lives for expressiveness, creating, and innovating. Building creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings.2 The creative process provided by the caregivers allows them to observe the child’s creative activity and help them to learn more about what the child may be thinking or feeling. And for the child, it fosters mental growth by providing them the opportunities for trying...

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