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The Importance Of Building Community Essay

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For a stable and effective environment, people have to learn how to build community especially in college. This is one of the critical roles of colleges is to help establish community to help benefit students later on in the future. When President Obama outlined his plans for the American Graduation Initiative, he emphasized the critical role of community colleges in educating and training students and adults for the jobs needed to keep the United States economically competitive. “Now is the time to build a firmer, stronger foundation for growth that will not only withstand future economic storms, but one that will help us thrive and compete in the global economy,” was President Obama’s stance on the issue of college community (ncls). In a recent study it was concluded that we become connected for reason of commitment rather than compliance meaning that people are bonded to each other as a result shared values, traditions, ideas, and interests ( hepg).
Universities are an important potential institutional base for helping community-based economic development in general. The students from colleges effect the surrounding communities so it has become one of the main focuses between universities to help build this idea of community. Not only is it beneficial for the students to learn the idea of community but it also benefits the areas are the universities such as local businesses and organizations. The main question for universities is how to inspire these students to in a major way. A new understanding of the educational importance of engagement in the community is emerging though. Leading scholars have shown that by strategically focusing higher education's many resources, from academic programs and research to business practices, universities can improve their core intellectual and academic work by giving students and faculty real world experience which can inform both research and teaching. Through these teachings, the faculties try to incorporate community building into their lessons by having the students work together and actually elaborate on ideas. Through these lessons students will learn how to bond with strangers such as the environment they will need to be accustomed to in the real world. Without the community engagement, these students will most likely find real life situations to be more difficult without practice. Now in the present career field it is very common for people to have to work together (community-wealth).
Now it seems that when someone goes online to get information, they get the same message about community building and involvement. Here is an example that is most close to all, “A priority at _____ is developing students who have the skills and training to be leaders in industry and in their communities (jwu).” While there are many differences between community development in large urban areas and smaller rural communities, there is one thing they have in common, the importance of relationships and...

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