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The Importance Of Combining Both Online And Offline Advertising For Online Businesses

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The internet is a huge business and its constant and significant growth attracts more and more businesses to be online. In 2004, online sales reached $117 billion ( with more than 812 million internet users ( All these internet users are potential customers and it is essential to exploit such an opportunity.However promotion is crucial, not only to increase traffic. A basic principle is: if people do not know you, they can not buy anything from you. With the incredible increase in the number of existing websites, it is likely that you may not be noticed. The internet not only gives you the opportunity to sell online, it also enables to advertise online and the advantages are numerous. However, there is a trend to forget offline advertising and its benefits as it is generally more expensive, indeed not affordable, especially for small businesses.This paper deals with the importance of integrating both online and offline advertising when running an online business in order to run an effective campaign which will generate traffic, sales and increase profits. It first briefly describes what is considered as online and offline advertising and then goes on to discuss the importance of combining the two methods.Online advertising corresponds to advertising done on the web or through emails. It consists of search engines and directories, banners, pop-up, emails, newsgroups, affiliate programmes, viral marketing and the content of the websites. Some of these elements exist with variations. For instance, banners can be static, animated or interactive; emails can be in the form of a text or a combination of text and animation....Offline advertising (or traditional advertising) is a diverse arena. In short, I consider offline advertising as communicating through the mass media that is to say TV (local, national...), radio (local, national), print (local, national newspapers, directories, magazines...) outdoors (billboards, bus shelter...) and cinema. These are known as 'above the line' advertising. According to me, direct response (without the use of the internet off course) could be included in the above definition as it utilises some of the components of mass media.The primary reason why a company should combine online and offline advertising is because of the general advantages these two methods provide. Online advertising enables to one to target an audience with accuracy, and enables efficient focus on specific segments. With this method, a company can track how the different users interact with a brand and in what they are interested. The different ads on the web can be quickly delivered and are really flexible with few additional costs and is easily accessible anytime. Online advertising also enables interactivity. The users can quickly and easily have information about the products, its benefits and characteristics, simply by clicking on a link. Finally, this method is quick, inexpensive and...

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