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The Importance Of Communication In The Turnaround Of Sas

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The Importance of Communication in the Turnaround of SAS

Definition of communication

Communication is the exchange of messages between peoples for the
purpose of achieving common meaning. Or it can define as the process
by which information is exchanged and understood by two or more people.
A fundamental of principles communication is that the symbols the
sender uses to communicate messages must have essentially the same
meaning in both the sender’s and receiver’s minds.

Purpose of communication

People communicate with each other in order to get the messages they
need, and utilize them for the further use, but what’s business
communication different from general communication. It’s not just
getting message for uses, but data involving in operating the tasks as
well. The purpose of communication can be divided into specific
purpose as follow:

- To convey information:

- To explain the nature and implications for the business:
- To establish rules for dealing with different situations:
- To stimulate action:
- To create relationships between the members of the organization:
- To form collective decisions and render them generally acceptable:
- To instruct: instruction manual for operating a computer:
- To evaluate: performance appraisal records:
- To meet human and cultural needs:

Communication breakdown

You can never assume that the message in your mind will be perfectly
transmitted to your receiver. We need to identify different patterns
of communications and we need to draw conclusions about the most and
the least effective patterns of communication, and report their
evaluation to avoid misunderstanding. Communication breakdown happens
when the recipient don’t receive the meaning of the message or
interpret the message as the different meaning from what sender tries
to encode. Communication breakdown can be seen from absences of
decoding from the recipient.

Factors of communication breakdown:

- Physical distraction : it happens when something bother the
communication and lead recipient or sender from transferring the
information. Example: when someone is talking to you and suddenly your
cell phone ring.

- Different channel/medium: Sender should choose the appropriate
channel/ medium to assure that the information could be reach by the
recipient. This involves adjusting the channel/ medium with recipient
knowledge, occasion, habit, etc. Example: you could not send a written
message to your illiterate client.

- Lack of technical skills: lack of technical skills in writing,
speaking, listening, presentation can affect communication breakdown.
Languages need to be appropriately chooses to avoid ambiguousness of
the meaning of the message. A clear voice in speaking and or
presentation is required for sender to assure that recipient
understand the message as what he believes. Example: A stutter person
would not fit a position in which he should present a data or

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