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The Importance Of Control In Quality Management

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1IMPORTANCE OF CONTROL IN QUALITY MANAGEMENTImportance of Control in Quality ManagementTanner DewaldTexas A&M University- Central TexasAbstractMy research contains the importance of a quality management system (QMS), the elements that make up a QMS, why controlling skills are important to the QMS, ways control can be used in management, and common ways of how control is lost in your department. Sources were found in textbooks, periodicals, and online. Discussed below are ways to build a successful business from the beginning. This report should provide an excellent source for a supervisor looking to gain control or questioning why they may be losing control of their department.Today businesses measure success based on profit, return on investment, and annual growth. Many people are involved in the different departments it takes to oversee, measure, and report business performance; unfortunately, it is usually the management department or supervisor who takes the blame for poor performance. So, is it fair to assume that positive returns are due to quality management systems? The importance of a quality management system (QMS), the elements that make up a QMS, why controlling skills are important to the QMS, ways control can be used in management, and common ways of how control is lost in your department are all covered below.A quality management system is what holds a successful business plan together. According to Jane Bennett (2011), an ISO 9001 consultant, a quality management system can be broken into 4 categories: management, resources, services/products, and monitor/checking (feedback). Today we will look at the management category from the viewpoint of starting a business. A good source for information regarding how to start a business of your own is where plenty of free business plans and marketing tips can be found. Computer programs and consultants can be hired to help create the world's greatest business plan, but success comes down to who you hire to implicate the plan.An important task of any supervisor is deciding whom to allow on the team. There are many steps to finding eligible employees and with some businesses a human resources department can handle a few preliminary steps such as recruiting, screening, testing, and checking backgrounds before a potential employee is interviewed and/or selected by the supervisor. Research by Leslie Rue and Lloyd Byars (2010) suggests the proper steps in training an employee are:Get the trainee ready to learnBreak down the work into componentsDemonstrate the proper wayLet the trainee perform the workPut trainees on their own gradually (p. 210)The reason the hiring process is stressed so much is because the root of most problems down the road can relate to poor hiring decisions. Also, a thorough hiring process can reduce turnover in a company making it more attractive to people with higher qualifications.The hiring process is a good starting point to building a management...

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