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The Importance Of Discussing With The Client The Level Of Support He Or She Requires In A Familiar Language

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The Importance of Discussing with the Client the Level of Support He or She Requires in a Familiar Language

It is vitally important that the use of the clients’ familiar language
is discussed. Assistance, a translator, or a member of staff
speaking the clients desired language should be provided at all times,
or to the best availability. This will enhance the care of the
client. It is also important to ensure that simple medical
terminology is used with clients so that they understand exactly the
condition, diagnosis and procedure and make sure that no medical
jargon is used with the clients.

Describe good hygiene practices; particularly in relation to mouth
care, nail care and care of hair

To practice good hygiene and care is not to expose too much of the
patient at any one time. Always maintain the dignity of the patient
and privacy at all times. Exposure should be prevented or clients
will become cold.

Mouth care is extremely important for everyone as bacteria will
multiply in a mouth that is not properly cleaned and this could lead
to infections and mouth disease. The mouth is kept clean by using a
pink sponge stick dipped in mouthwash solution. Care should be taken
to clean inside of the cheeks and also the tongue as this can refresh
the patients, mouth. The teeth or dentures should then be brushed
and cleaned. Checks should be made to ensure that the mouth is not
sore and that ulcers or red areas are present. When checking the
mouth also make sure that the lips are not sore or cracked, Cream
should be used on the lips such as Vaseline or white petroleum jelly.

Nail care is also important in good hygiene practices. All clients’
nails should be kept clean and neatly trimmed to the patient’s
requirement. When trimming toenail, the nurse in charge should be
informed and consent given. Toenails of diabetic clients should
never be carried out.

Hair care can be very complex and consideration should be given to the
patients’ personal preferences. The way a person feels is often
related to their appearance. Regular brushing and combing will help
reduce tangling and matting of the hair. Patient’s cultural and
religious beliefs should also be taken into consideration when
attending to hair. Always establish any preferences before beginning

What parts of the body require particular attention and why?

Pressure areas require attention to prevent pressure sores. The body
parts includes the back of the head, shoulder blades, elbow, spine,
buttocks and heels. Special beds are used for clients who are in bed
permanently or for long periods, and clients are turned frequently.
Pressure sores can develop on these areas and become infected and
sore. Another area, which requires particular attention, is the lower

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