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The Importance Of Early Brain Development

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It has been proven that a child’s early years are the peak at which the mind can bend and shape, creating the foundation for a life. We know now that even before birth, the mind is a delicate matter that if improperly taken care of could alter a person’s entire life. Nourishment and stimulation before and after the birth of a child mold’s the brain in its most malleable state. Medical and scientific institutes paired with parenting information organizations have made information readily available for parents, childcare providers, and students to advise them of the importance of childhood brain development. This information is not only critical for the child, but for the person they will become in the future.
Prenatal brain development is not usually the first topic on a pregnant woman’s mind, if it crosses her mind at all! Many women do not know what adverse effects certain circumstances can have on a child’s development. The most obvious deterrent of brain development would be a physical injury to the child. If any portion of the child’s brain is damaged during pregnancy, the effects will almost certainly be long term. Most pregnant women successfully take the necessary steps to avoid physically damaging the child’s brain. Perhaps even scarier is the thought that continuous exposure to stress can also permanently damage the brain development of a child that has yet to be born. The US National Library of Medicine states that in humans and animals, prolonged exposure to stress that can be controlled by the mother may result in abnormal behavioral, cognitive, and psychosocial outcomes. It is important for mothers to remember that they are no longer taking care of only themselves. Though unborn, there is a lot of damage that can be done to a child’s brain development in the womb.
In the world we live in today, there are sadly several examples of children who were not supported by their parents or teachers, and therefore could not fully develop certain connections within their brains. Neglect sounds like a nasty word, but some parents may not even realize that they would normally care for their child may be hindering the proper development necessary for healthy growth. Playpens, for example, are a great way to allow your child to play with toys without getting into any trouble or having to crawl across that dangerous wooden floor. What you might not know is that a child left consistently spending time in the playpen may not be able to develop past their basic reflexive response due to the confinement. The International Parenting Association warns that a child’s restricted access to wide open spaces for crawling can cause them to become neurologically disorganized to different extents depending on severity. They go on to...

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