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The Importance Of Effective Communication In Health Care

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Language barriers have been one of the identified causes of many health problems, including timely and appropriate care, exacerbating existing conditions, and precipitating new ones. In addition to culturally appropriate education, interpreting is one of the approaches commonly used to help bridge the language gap for patients and practitioners. Interpreters are bilingual individuals that provide simultaneous interpretation between patients and medical care providers who do not share a common language (Finke, Light, & Kitko, 2008). This finding suggests that a good relationship is essential for high-quality patient care. (Finke et al., 2008) use qualitative evidence from interviews with medical interpreters, and argue that an interdisciplinary team is oriented in just one direction to care for patients, and bring them to their ultimate level of functioning. Certainly, all of the observations provided by this journal reaffirmed how understanding the basic principles of communication should be a paramount skill of any nurse. However, many barriers can disrupt therapeutic communication, and comprehensive assessment is necessary in order to determine the culture, religion, education background, and socioeconomic status of the patient (Finke et al., 2008) Patient centered communication empower nurses with the necessary skills to identify what patients are experiencing and place them in a better position to be empathetic.
Meanwhile, creating a better health care experience for the patient and a more gratifying and meaningful career for the nurse (Finke et al., 2008). It is also more likely to effectively encourage patients to be active partners in planning and managing their own care. It is significant for medical care providers, while pursuing illness, treatment, to also considering the patients’ opinions, and psychological status by using appropriate therapeutic communication techniques according to the situation (Finke et al., 2008). Likewise, the author considers “that patient-centered communication skills are not inherent and must be acquired” (Finke et al., 2008). The ability to enter into to patients’ experiences to recognize them precisely and to appreciate how the condition is perceived from the patient’s perspective is absolutely central in effective communication and to improve patient safety (Finke et al., 2008). This literature makes clear that in order to function efficiently in the effective communication, nurses must be knowledgeable and competent individuals, who active listening, to meet patient’s need. The publication named improving “Patient Provider Communication” argues that nurse must have the talent to express themselves encompassing both verbally and nonverbally aspect, and their message must also be echoing in the patient (2009). The communication should not be terminate until the patient translate the massage back to its sender. Consequently, effective communication is accomplished when patients are able to...

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