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The first topic for this paper will be to discuss the significance of family. Early on in the course, class began with an exercise presented in which we were instructed to define “family”. Almost immediately it was clear that individuals each have their own definitions of what they hold as their belief of family. There were also strong opinions with regard to how the textbook defined family. There were lengthy discussion on different types of families identified as two-parent, in-tact nuclear families; single parent households, which could be either single father head-of-household or single mother head-of household; blended families, which could include children from previous relationships brought together as a family with, or without, children of the parents together; grandparent raising grandchildren families; adoptive families; foster families; or even two adults without children being a family. Consequently, the discussion also led into opinions that family is not always only biological; that family could be defined by feelings of emotional attachment. For example, many of the participants in class firmly hold the belief that there can be family-like attachments and bonding with individuals not biologically or legally related to each other including church communities and/or support groups. Ultimately, it was agreed that family is significant and important regardless of what that physically appeared to be.
The textbook states that this process of establishing healthy families begins with infant attachment. Dr. Rogers pointed out that children need their families for the most basic, animalistic survival provisions, but it was also providing emotional and psychological needs and appropriate attachment is vitally critical in shaping and raising a healthy child.
In my opinion, family is a very essential part of daily life. It is critical in improving overall personality. It also assists in shaping the direction lives will lead. It teaches the value of love, care, affection, self-confidence, and truthfulness and provides tools and resources which are essential to obtaining success in life. Family is a place where you can be free to be yourself. It is a place where you’re admitted and accepted for what and who you are, thus there are no terms and conditions. This is supposed to be a place where you’re completely tension and stress-free and all members are there to assist and support you. Family sustains you when you are surrounded by troubles and is the foundation on which you depend on while navigating the way through the problems and difficulty of everyday living. It helps you endure through tough times and bring joy and pleasure into life. Family is the safe place and harbor from the storms and the celebration of the successes.
Professionally, I would remain cognizant that to some “family” is a feeling or bonds to a relationship or groups of people regardless of formal or societal establishment. I would recognize that all...

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