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The Importance Of Family Values Essay

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Some parents may say that they do not have family values, but whether they realize it or not, they do have family values that they are passing onto their children. Those values may be positive or negative, but many parents wonder why those family values are important. Family values can be defined as values that are reinforced within a family and are used to set a standard for morals and discipline. Family values are important because they provide a solid family foundation, model behavior from parent to child, and influence the character and ethics of children.
Many parents would agree that they want their children to be happy, honest, and respectful, but how can this be achieved in today’s world? “How do parents control the often uncontrollable? Perhaps by returning to the traditional values that they hope will provide a solid foundation” (Rodgers). Family values help to build a strong foundation that will support a family. This strong family foundation is what will support the family when trials come and when beliefs are challenged. The base that the family builds is what will bring them together when crises arise. When members of the family feel as though the world is against them, they are able to return to their foundation where they can be comforted by each other (Hardy). “Three traditional basic tasks in life have been described as work, play, and love. There are many activities that fall under these categories that define our values. All of them are important and it takes work to balance these tasks” (Duffy).
Family values play a role in determining the way children behave. Parents act as a model for their children, and children are always watching how their parents act. The way that parents interact with others affects how children will relate to others. It is important that parents set a good example for their children because once a habit is formed, it is hard to break. Children learn how to behave in three ways: forming of emotional attachments, teaching of personal behavior, and learning to respect authority. In order for children to learn from their parents, they must first have an emotional attachment with them. “Children learn from and are influenced most by those persons who are most meaningful to them, and the most meaningful adults are those to whom the child is emotionally attached” (Popenoe). If a child does not have a good relationship with his parents, then the parents will have less success in teaching him right and wrong. The values that parents teach their children must not only be taught verbally, but they also need to be taught through actions. In order for children to learn from their parents, they must have a genuine relationship (Popenoe).
While some families have financial...

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