The Importance Of Meeting In Management Level

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In the government organization, meeting being done regularly and rigours especially meeting that involve policies and big impact in the government agencies. These meeting are often lead by leader of the top management level.
One of the main objective of the government is to manage the country resources. In doing so, many policies has been derive to meet the agenda. With the agenda is being lay-up, the agencies will have to deliver it to make sure objective are accomplish. As such regular management meeting mush be held to monitor the performance of the delivery system.
Therefore, meeting is very important in order to conclude decision by the management level. Meeting in the government sector are discuss according to the agenda being set. The meeting members are invited based on their role in the government, expertise and experience or based on their position in the organization.
The aim of all meeting is to gain a fruitful decision so that it could contribute to an enhance operation or solving problems. Thus, meeting also can be regard as the process of decision making.

As a person who hold a managerial level post, his or her role has high prominence in his division that he is handling. Therefore, time is very valuable for him. However, being in a meeting can be very time consuming in government.
Therefore, is longer meeting contributes to less efficacy in workforce? Meeting can be stretch due to weak of decision making process. How the organization behave and think may contribute to the longer meeting hours.
If meeting can be done in a short and precise manner by the leader, the employee can have more time to settle order task, thus making him more productive.
The issue here is the decision process in a meeting. What makes an effective decision making during a meeting? Is it due to the leader pass experience, the prejudgement of the fact and data, governance, monitoring or group debate and challenge in meeting?

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One of the fundamental of being a successful manager is the ability to run effective meetings. It is a pivotal skill and discipline in enabling a team to function productively, efficiently and with purpose.
In the Malaysian government sector, officers are expected to hold numerous meetings, but too few achieve their intended purpose of making good decisions based on the opinions of those present.
Productive meetings should be at the core of the decision-making process. They should make the organisation more effective by motivating those who attend and making them feel their voices have been heard.
Effective Meeting Checklist
Based on the research and articles discuss, a good meeting must consist of clear action plan, not labouring points unnecessarily and ensuring each agenda item takes only the expected amount of time.
A clear reason for the meeting is vital. The discussion and resulting decisions need to be issues that cannot be handled effectively outside the meeting.

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