The Importance Of Gun Laws Essay

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BANG!!! Americans behind the gun cause gun violence in the United States… some may ask do gun laws help stop this violence. The report is to prove that gun laws do help stop the violence. In this report you will see a list some of the more gun violence states and a few reasons why they have a high gun violence rate. The report is also going to help you understand the average deaths in the U.S., the amount people who have guns, and how many guns most people have. You will also learn some of the federal laws for guns and who can own them. The essay will also give some gun safety tips. The most important topic is how guns should be used. These topic all will help explain that gun laws do help stop gun violence and the U.S.
First, the first paragraph will list some of the more gun violent states in the U.S. At the top of the list is Louisiana. Alaska is ranked number 2. It is strange but true. Then Alabama is at number 3. Arizona was ranked at number 4. Mississippi was rank at 5.
South Carolina in 6th. “Gerney” page 11. All of these states have very lax gun laws. Therefore having a high gun violence rating.
Next, this paragraph will explain the number of people with guns and how many get sold. THere are 283 million guns in the hand of U.S. civilians. An average of 4.5 million firearms plus 2 million handguns are sold in the U.S. per year. There are also an average of 4 to 7 guns per household. There are also 30,000 people who die from gun related violence in the U.S. a year. On average there are 30 people who are shot or murdered each day. Half of those people are between the ages of 18 to 25. ⅓ of the people are under the age of 20. Taxpayers pay half of lifetime medical cost for gunshot injuries. “Heeding God's Cal”l. We all know from living Northwest MO that there are usually a lot of guns in a household for sure. Most people take pride in that which is fine as long as the are using them and abiding the laws.

Next, in this next paragraph the report will explain how gun laws are...

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