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The Importance Of Judgement Essay

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Miller's Principle Concern in The Crucible is the Importance of Justice. Do you agree?In The Crucible, Miller explores how equality and fairness become vital for how Salem functions as a community. Even though many of the accused characters are innocent, the absence of a just and truthful court system means that innocence becomes less important than what those in power want for themselves. With the collapse of Salem, Miller draws importance to the need for honesty.Despite the fact that Hale knows that Elizabeth is innocent, he can not do anything to prove her to be not guilty. Hale's goal to begin with was to undo the devil's work in Salem, but he regrets this, shown when Miller writes, 'There is blood on my head!' Miller's repetition of the phrase 'blood on my head' creates an atmosphere of tension and fear on stage. The word 'blood' suggests death, danger and violence causing the audience to fear the consequences of the accusations. Miller creates pathos as Hale begins to blame himself for all that has gone wrong in Salem. Therefore, Miller's intention to emphasise how important justice is becomes apparent as innocent characters like Elizabeth are punished.Miller's intention was to explore and show that unjust behaviour can impact on the freedom of others. This is shown when Proctor advises Mary Warren, 'Do that which is good and no harm will come to thee.' Proctor's advice is ironic though, because in Salem, telling the truth brings more harm to people than good. His warning foreshadows the later conflict in Salem, creating tension and suspense on stage as the audience realise that only through dishonesty are the characters able to escape severe punishment. In highlighting the irony behind telling the truth, Miller emphasises how vital it is for fair government.The Puritan society's failure to perceive the differing views of others leads to the truth and fairness of the community to dissemble. Parris confirms this view by suggesting...

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