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The Importance Of Kes To Billy

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The Importance of Kes to Billy

" Fast asleep during the lord prayer! Ill thrash you, you irreverent
scoundrel!" These are the words of Mr. Gryce, Billy's headmaster. The
context this is in is that Mr. Gryce needed to make an example of
somebody and Billy was his chosen victim. The school Billy goes to
isn't a particularly nice school by any means this is however made
worse by the fact that Billy is in a class known as the Easter
leavers. At home Billy is thought to be destined to work in the mines
like his older brother Jud.

Billys dad ran away when Billy was just a young child and Billys
mother is more interested in herself than Billy or Jud. Jud watches
his own back and has no real plans in his life and lives from one
break out of the mines to the next. Billy is stuck in the middle of
this slap dash family, the lives though the torment on a daily basic.
However there is a slim ray of light in this world for Billy. Kes.

Kes is a bird, and Billys best friend and the only good thing he has
got going for him. Kes is what the whole of Billys life is shaped
around. Billy is always doing things which might get him in trouble or
make him look foolish will help Kes. For example, when Bilyy has just
finished football his sports teacher, Mr. Sugden is behaving very
childishly because he lost in the game of football, and he blames it
on Billy. He pushes Billy in the showers and turns the cold water on.
Billy demonstrating his care for Kes jumps over the other side of the
showers and throws his cloths on and goes home to feed Kes.

Another demostration of how important Kes is to Billy is when we see
that Bily is willing to kill other creatures for Kes.

Kes also helps Billy by forming a formal relationship with Mr.
Fathing. This is the only relationship that we see in the book where
an adult isn't looking down on Billy as if he were a used...

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