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The Significance Of Library And Archives Canada In Preserving Canadian History

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The significance Library and Archives Canada is the preservation of Canadian history.
Without the protection of Library and Archives Canada, Vital documentation of Canadian History Act could be lost. The significance of the Library and Archives of Canada is that it holds every important document this country was built on and more including Constitutional laws and all the past and current amendments made. Library and Archives Canada also contains the Census of Canadian citizens all the way back to 1871 in their database in addition to a military history. Basar (2005) states
The records collected had to be, of course, of national and historical significance. For the most part these records were on paper, especially in the beginning years. As such, documents began appearing in diversified media later on, they were collected with the same amount of dedication and importance. (p.193)
Documents such as this are significant no matter what format they arrive in; they define Canada and educate citizens on how Canada has gotten to where it is today whether it is through recorded documents, art, stories or music. Library and Archives Canada holds Canada’s history within its walls and database, its significance contains pertinent information for generations to come. Not only are databases provided, but also electronic collections, virtual exhibitions, and research aides. If it were not for Library and Archives Canada, society would not have the access to the materials they do now, nor would they have the ability to research their countries history in addition to their own family history. Library and Archives Canada has a great deal of significance in how one can bring history to life, and conduct research inquiries with such ease.
Preservation of Governmental History
Library and Archives is a safe haven to keep Canadian Governmental Information and History alive. In its mandate it has four main purposes; to preserve Canadian Heritage, to be an accessible data source for all, to be involved in the acquisition, preservation and spreading of Canadian knowledge, lastly to be the memory of the Canadian Government. Basar emphasizes the historical background information of the Library and Archives Canada; starting with The National Archives Act, which “states that the requirement and objectives of the National Archives are the acquisition and preservation of archival records of national and historic significance and making them available to the public for research purposes” (Basar, 2005, p. 184). Legislation dictates Library and Archives Canada has the authorization to protect and maintain all vital documents pertaining to Canadian history for now and the future. In addition, the 2004 Library and Archives of Canada Act insist that Library and Archives Canada attend to the digital preservation of historical Canadian documents including photographs, arts, and sound recordings. Important historical documents currently housed with Library and...

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