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The Importance Of Media Planning In The Soft Drinks Sector

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Soft Drinks

Consumer insights in relation to media consumption

Media Planner and Buyers are expected to have a significant understanding of the consumer's relationship with the media and display high levels of 'consumer insights' in relation to media consumption.Discuss the above statement in relation to the soft drinks sector and how it may be of vital importance when media planning and buying from both an academic, using relevant models such as Engel/Kollat, and practitioner based perspective providing relevant examples to reinforce your discussion.We could make a general definition of media planners and buyers as the people responsible of delivering a given message to the correct audience in the most economically profitable way. As Press and Williams (2010, p. 194) state, we live in a mediated world, where exposure to the media is very high. Starting from this point, it is essential to understand who this audience is and how do they behave in relation to the media (what media do they consume, when, where, how long...?). The reason why is to make the best out of the budget, in order not to waste the investment on useless media that would not reach the desired target. Following, it will be analysed how this knowledge can be applied in relation to the soft drinks sector, and how media planners and buyers do so aiming to maximise the effectiveness of the campaign.First, we must know about the soft drinks sector. Soft drinks (also known as non-alcoholic drinks) embrace segments such as carbonated drinks, still and dilutable drinks, fruit juices, smoothies, bottled waters and sports and energy drinks (see Appendix, figure 1). It is a highly competitive market, having carbonates as the most outstanding category in terms of sales and popularity. The industry has suffered a continuous decline in income over the last few years due to global economical setbacks, while prices have gone higher, but even though, it is still a market with a great potential in a mid-long term (see Appendix, figure 2). This is so, in part, due to the wide range of consumers that the sector attracts, from different socio-demographic status (kids, adults, men, women, all social classes...). Naturally, in order to persuade them, a media planner and buyer will first have to reach them; this is the planner's role. But how does this process work?If we take into account different purchasing models, such as the Engel-Kollat-Blackwell (1968) (see Appendix, figure 3) or the Howard-Sheth (1969) we will find some similarities. What in the first model is called "Problem recognition", Howard and Sheth name it "Inputs". In both cases we are referring to the fact of receiving an information -not processing it yet, but just gaining awareness of the product-. It is in this first stage when the media planner's task comes into play; if the action of reaching the target is completed successfully, the cognitive process should develop in the consumer's mind (understanding of the message,...

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