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The Importance Of Rainforests Essay

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Most of us know what rainforests are, and how they can benefit us. But, only few of us know what rainforest do, and how they are most important to Earth. There are two types of rainforests; tropical and temperate rainforest. Tropical rainforest are known mostly for its rich evergreen vegetation. Also, being a home for over 50 percent of the Earth’s living species. Even though, it holds about 7 percent of landmass on Earth. A Tropical Rainforest is a broad leaved evergreen forest, which has high rainfall. These are found around the Equator. Specifically, Central America, South America, Southern Asia, and Australia (which however, goes through a dry spell twice a year). The Amazon Rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world; located in northern South America. It is three million square miles. Which is nearly the size of the United States. Tropical Rainforest have warm temperatures year around, and high rain fall. Temperate Rainforest, however, are smaller than Tropical Rain Forest. But they have mostly, coniferous vegetation and are known for its cooler climate. They are located in Norway, Chile, Tasmania, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and along the Pacific coast of Canada and the United States. In contrast to Tropical Rainforest. Temperate rainforest have cool temperatures here year round, but manages to have 5 to 16 feet of rain a year. This kind of climate produces plants like, Redwood trees and large conifers.
Rainforests are the largest biome, which has the largest biodiversity. Because of this, scientist have used them for human luxuries. Such as coffee, soft drinks, chewing gum, toothpaste, medicine, and so much more. 70 percent of plants identified, by the U.S National Cancer Institutes, found in rainforest are treatments cancer. Rainforest are also known as the “lung world”. This is because, Rainforest take in more than 20 percent of CO2 from the Earth and gives out 20 percent of oxygen. Lastly, 4/5 of nutrients in rainforest are found in its vegetation. This for medicines, foods, and scientific studies.
Tropical Rainforests are divided into four zones; the forest floor, the understory, the canopy, and the emergent zone. The forest floor consist of the largest animals and decomposers. The understory is a cooler environment because, of the large vegetation over the ground. The canopy consist of smaller mammals, reptiles, birds, and etc. The emergent zone is the highest elevation of a rainforest....

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