The Significance Of Rhetoric In Music.

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Expository Writing - SingleThesis: Although rhetoric and music are separate disciplines, there are however, striking similarities between them: communication, delivery, and effect to the audience.Needs Improvment on:Mechanics - grammer, punctuation, spellingWhen we listen to music, we listen to a voice: a hidden individual, the soul of another. This may be a metaphor but it invites us to experience the relationship between music and language. A form of persuasive communication is music. You may doubt my sanity or think to yourself "Yeah, right." After all, when was the last time any of us heard a "persuasive" piece of music? Non-the-less, I ask you to bear with me and hear me out. Although rhetoric and music are separate disciplines, there are however, striking similarities between them: communication, delivery, and effect to the audience. In effect music and rhetoric shed light on each other. As I shed some light on the subject, I hope you will come to agree that rhetoric is important in music.To start off, music is a communicative language. Music is a language that can be understood without uttering a single word. Yet sometime we find it necessary to add a bit of poetry to it. Rhetoric comes into context as soon as communication is involved. Musical communication comes to us in the form of melody and/or lyrics. Music tells us a story with emotion, there by communicating. But what does it communicate? Some believe that music is an expression of the composer's inner self. Some may not understand the meaning of the music or lyrics, but nevertheless the message is still there. The composer or musician wants to persuade us using our own emotions to get their point across. They use facial expressions and gesture both musically and orally, such rules apply for...

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