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Think of society as a living organism which every part of it contributes to its survival. This view is the functionalist perspective, which every parts of a society are structured to maintain its stability. Functionalist regard sports as an almost religious institution that uses ritual and ceremony to reinforce the common values of a society.
In 1968, Robert Merton made an important distinction between manifest and latent functions. Manifest functions of institutions are open, stated, conscious functions that involve intended, recognized, consequences of an aspect of society. Taking sports as an example, manifest function of sports is to keep people stay fit and healthy. It is an objective that widely and well known by everyone. In contrast, latent functions are unconscious or unintended functions that may reflect hidden purposes of an institution. For example, someone who takes part and involve in sport might intend to gain popularity. It is something that only known by the party or the person himself. Besides manifest function and latent function, sociologists define dysfunction as an element or process of a society that may actually disrupt the social system or reduce its stability. Dysfunctions of sports include the usage of performance-enhancing drug by athlete. It does not contribute in maintaining the society’s stability.
From the view of manifest function, sports could help in maintaining people’s physical well-being. Everyone knows that exercise is a good way in maintaining a person health. Practice sport on a regular basis could keep us fit, thus prevent obesity which would lead to diseases like heart attack, diabetes and stroke. With regular badminton play, the main health benefit that we could earn is the reduction of bad cholesterol and the increasing of good cholesterol in our body. Furthermore, Osteoporosis can be prevented or delayed by regular badminton play since playing badminton promotes the activity of the bone forming cells and help in the assimilation of calcium in the bone matrix, thereby strengthening it. In other words, sports could stay us strong, good, and feeling well.
Apart from that, sports serve as a safety valve for both participants and spectators, who are allowed to shed tension and aggressive energy in a socially acceptable way. It provides them an alternative way to consume their excess energy and spend their leisure time. Thus, avoid them from being involved in activities that will go against the norms. It is better to do something useful than getting involve in terrible things like drug trafficking, drug abuse, illegal car racing or prostitution.
Moreover, sports would be perfect as a choice for recreation. We can hang out with friends and family in a meaningful way. It would not be too costly, since badminton racket and shuttlecocks are affordable. Besides that, since they could to be found in stores, it would not be a problem or a hardship to get the related sports equipment. Practicing sports as a...

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