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The Importance Of Technology To 21st Century Learners

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Throughout history technology has been the driving force of change. From movable type, to television, to the Internet, technology has been embraced and incorporated into our daily lives. Within the constructs of civilized society, the vast rewards of technological innovations have far outweighed the negatives. The digital revolution has altered conceptions of time and distance. It has created a wealth of information that is available at the stroke of a key. Not since the invention of the printing press has the distribution and consumption of information been so democratized. The rapidly changing technological landscape has put students and teachers in the cross-hairs. Can students be positively impacted by this digital revolution? Has the wave of technology that has swept through in recent years improved teaching and learning in the classroom? Utilizing various research tools such as Boise State University's Albertsons Library database, Google Scholar, and other online tools to access peer-reviewed journals, this paper will demonstrate that technology in the classroom results in increased student performance. great intro, Evan. -Barbara Schroeder 5/6/10 7:51 AM

Technology in the Classroom

Technology already plays a huge role in the lives of students. Present day high school students have grown up with computers and the Internet being as ubiquitous as televisions and radios to the previous generation (Bennett, Maton, & Kervin, 2008). Students rely heavily on electronic and digital communications such as email, texting, and mobile phones (Rideout, Foehr, & Roberts, 2010). Technology has gottenget in the habit of not using this word a lot when writing scholarly paper. Use "become" for instance, in this sentence. -Barbara Schroeder 5/6/10 7:52 AM faster, smaller, wireless, and more integrated and this technological revolution must be reflected in modern classrooms. Weaving technology into the curriculum and assessment is paramount to improving pedagogy. Students and teachers alike must be fluent in the language of modernity and wield the tools of the digital age with ease. "The important issue for the evolution of school curriculum is not the availability and affordability of sophisticated computers and telecommunications, but the ways these devices enable powerful learning situations that aid students in extracting meaning out of complexity" (Dede, 2000, p. 16).

Importance of Technology Proficiency

As an educator in the 21st Century, it is imperative to integrate technology into the curriculum for a variety of reasons. Students can gain from the use of technology and improve performance in the classroom. Students need to be exposed to and familiar with current technologies in order to compete in a world marketplace. "Children today need a
global awareness and new economic and civic literacies to work seamlessly with various technologies and integrate those in dynamic social environments"(Lee & Spires,...

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