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The Importance To Care Users Of Being Heard

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There is much importance placed on care givers being able to support people to “have a voice and be heard” Indeed as one of the five K101 principles of care practice, the relevance of care workers being able to achieve this is paramount to the wishes and feelings of the service users being upheld, to establish and ensure good care practice.
In this assignment I aim to discuss how carers can assist service users in this way, focusing on several case studies identified in K101 and further discuss why it is important, how they can do this and what the consequences may be when this does not happen.
Furthermore I would like to discuss a time when care workers did not support service users having a voice and how this impacted on them as individuals.

For my first example I will use Life Story Work and Jordan Morgan (K101, unit 5) a boy who has spent a great deal of his short life in the care system.
When a child goes through a “journey of care” they may have very little understanding of the past. Jordan had multiple placements before staying with his current foster carers consequently it is important for Jordan to be able to look back at the journey, to know where he has come from and why he has arrived at where he is today, as this will help Jordan develop his own sense of identity.
Ryan and Walker (Block 2, Unit 5, p. 21) stress the importance of identity and point out that the creation of the idea of self is crucial to healthy development and that children who have been severed from their roots and without a clear future can be helped if they talk about the past the present and the future.
For such children, making sense of their lives can be challenging and the boundaries between truth and fiction may be difficult to determine. (Block 2, unit 5, p. 24) Many children who do end up in care can sometimes blame themselves for their situation and therefore need assistance with finding out the truth. The Children’s Act 1989 emphasises partnership in working relationships with parents and carers: workers, foster carers and parents can work collaboratively with Jordan to help him make sense of his past, to understand what has happened and to furthermore learn facts he may not have known before:
Carers working with Jordan will need to ensure that they are not merely gathering facts, but work alongside Jordan with a sensitive and empathic approach, allowing him to have as much input as possible as this is his “life Story”. Assisting Jordan with learning about his past and identifying fact from fiction means that Jordan will not have to question his past or blame himself for his parents inability to care for him and he will be able to have a “work in progress” which, with the help of carers he can add to in the future.
Bowlby (Block 2, unit 5, p. 30) placed great emphasis on the importance for a child of being able to rely on relationships which provide a secure base from which they can explore the world. In the absence of said relationships...

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