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The Signs And Syntax Of The Film Dead Again

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Rhetoric of Vision and Sound
Assignment #2
Chris Moore

        For this assignment I will use the ending scene of Dead Again, by Kenneth Branagh. I believe this is the most dramatic part of the film. The end is so over the top that it sticks out in my mind more than any other. This film is very cleverly crafted, being a parallel story by use of editing. Two stories are taking place at two different times. The end of Dead Again brings these two stories together in both a suspenseful and theatrical way. Dead Again is an excellent example of a good parallel story. The signs throughout the movie are revealed in a way to remind you, help connect the two sets of stories, and to keep you guessing. This is especially predominate in the ending sequence with the use of the scissors, one of the films biggest symbols; the scissors were used to create foreshadowing throughout the film. The syntax or arrangement of the film is quite good; it really helps to create a mood and meaning to the end of Dead Again. Of course, this is in a way a connotative meaning in that revenge is sort of achieved by Margaret Strauss on Frankie. The thing that Frankie was so obsessed with, in the end killed him. Frankie believed he would be killed by the reincarnation of Roman or Margret and wanted to finish them off first. He killed with scissors and died by falling on to scissors

        In the ending scene Grace shoots Mike, the private investigator trying to help her, in fear for her life. This is where the drama starts and continues bringing the film to a climatic end. While Mike is down, Frakie comes in and is about to kill Grace (Roman). When Mike (Margaret) stops him. This is where the scene begins to change and become much more dramatic by successful syntax. The mise-en-scene being all the factors involved in the construction of the scene, some are pretty obvious here. The music, flashbacks (parallel editing), slow-motion shots and quick close-up shots take place here. This simultaneously depicts what happened ending both stories. You see the killing of Margaret, by Frankie, Roman play his opera, which was used for the music, and him finding Margaret dead, along with what transpires in the present between Mike, Frankie, and Grace. You see here the whole picture and a lot takes place quite quickly, but are not confused because of a well-organized sequence. This is also helped by the use of...

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