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The Signs Of Autism Essay

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At the age of two, my brother was diagnosed with autism. While he was playing at McDonalds, we noticed that there was something different about Patirck. He was not associating himself with the other children and would not take off his shoes. He would also not show affection or keep eye contact with someone. This left us very curious to why he was behaving so differently than the average two year old. When the doctors told us he had autism we were all in shock, but glad to know why he was so different. Autism has many signs, diagnoses, and unknown causes, which has led to the development of coping mechanisms and the need for on-going research.
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Many new discoveries and changes for the autism world have occurred since the 1940’s. Currently, forms of therapies and medications are the main ways that autism is treated. (“History of Autism”)
The signs for autism are very distinctive and are usually caught at an early age, although, differences exist in the signs between males and females. Autism has a wide range of severity and may go unrecognized, especially in children with milder cases. A female with autism may live her whole life not knowing that she has autism or will find out in her later adulthood. A female with autism may not have such low functioning symptoms as a male would. The most common signs for autism are unresponsiveness to people, repetitive movements, avoidance eye contact, difficulty interpreting feelings, and lack of empathy. A child with autism may develop normally up until a certain age and then become socially awkward and have many social engagement issues. (“Autism Fact Sheet”)
If children with autism are diagnosed early in age, they will essentially be better off in life. They will have had the proper therapy that they need to learn to cope with this disease. The diagnostic process can differ from agency to agency and from doctor to doctor. Evaluations can be comprehensive and lengthy, while others can be rather quick. All will collect specific information about the children’s early development. The doctors may be looking for signs such as poor eye contact, no social responsiveness, impaired ability to make friends, inflexible adherence to routines, and impaired ability to sustain a conversation. They may also show signs of few friends, no gestures while speaking, toe walking, and not standing close to others.
Scientists are still unsure of what causes autism. Many theories and assumptions have been made about how people get autism. Some say that genetics are the main cause, while others say that the environment plays a role in causing autism. One theory suggests that if a pregnant woman eats a certain type of fish her baby could develop autism or that if a woman has had a lead filling in her teeth that her baby could also have autism. Others say that the vaccines that children get as they are growing up can have a part in causing autism. (“Autism Fact Sheet”)
The question that a lot of people ask is “Do people ever grow out of autism?” The answer is no. Children with autism have to learn to cope with the disease they have. Some children who have never had any type of therapy or any...

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