The Silent And The Loud Essay

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It has been one year since I joined Outer Heaven. Comparing myself from then until now, I have become a ruthless killer with my stealth assassination technique. I will do anything necessary to complete my mission even if it meant taking hostages or killing others along the way. One great mission was The Raid of Zanibar Island. I slaughtered every single mercenary on the island because getting to the leader was harder than I thought, and to cover my tracks, I burned the place. You may think I’m evil, but I couldn’t care less about the opinions of others except my unit. Today, Charging Bull trusts me enough to send me on a live capture mission of Victor Krazach, so we can gain ...view middle of the document...

” “You...,” he moans, “I was driving for my life, but I saw a person holding a detonator in some bushes.” “Who!” “His name is...,” then someone karate chops me on my neck. Even in my pain,I can still hear someone wearing a white cloak, saying, “That’s enough conversation for now Krazach. Consider yourself saved .” He hit me so hard that I can barely get on my feet. “Oh thank goodness,” Victor says, “I thought he was going to kill me.” The white cloaked man pulls out a gun and kicks me over so I can’t see them, and says, “Your not out of the woods yet.” Victor screams and I hear a gunshot and a loud thud. Then he turns me over and says, “As for you Mr. Black Cloak, question him when you’re dead.” He starts to point the gun towards me, but before he can click the barrel into place, I regain my strength and lunge at him, knocking the gun out of his hand. I draw my gun and say, “Who are you?” With a confident smile, he replies “Loud Wolf’s the name and close combat is my game.What about you?” “Silent Fox stealth operations specialist.” Our eyes meet with piercing gazes. This would be a fight to the death.
I fired at him, but he used his incredible speed to dodge my bullet and knock the gun out of my hand. He took out his knife, and tried to stab me, but I rolled out of the way and drew my knife. His white cloak and hood were now a dry red and ripped up, like my black cloak. “You’re pretty good,” Loud Wolf said to me,” but when it comes to hand-to-hand, I’m a Wolf!” He was right, I am losing my grip on my weapon and I can feel my heart is breathing fast even though I don’t have one. Suddenly, I realize that I must take a leap of faith to survive this battle. I jump back and he just misses slicing my throat. I free-fall of the building and land on top of a truck. “We’ll meet again Silent Fox,” Wolf says and leaves. Suddenly, I realize I just ordered my death sentence. With only my knife, I go into hiding.

It has been about six months since I went into hiding. Occasionally, I encountered one member and eluded him. I have been wandering for so long that I have no idea where I am. Now another black cloaked figure approaches me, but this one seems different from the others, stronger somehow. I dash away and hide in a dumpster. “Where is he?” a familiar voice says, “Whatever, I’ll just cut everything and hope he’s in pieces.” I don’t need a second warning, I jump out of the dumpster and dash through the streets of where I am. My assailant is closing in on me, but shouldn’t he be slowed down by the giant sword he’s carrying.
I can’t keep running like this, or I’ll pass out and be a sitting duck. I draw my dagger and rush towards him. Fighting him is tough, but I can’t die here. “You’ve come a long way Fox,” my assailant says, “However, no one’s survived my stampede before.” He takes off his hood, and I would recognize that face anywhere, it’s Charging Bull.
A sudden shock goes through my head, the commander of Extra Ops went to...

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