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The Silk Road Handicraft Co Essay

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GCCI am a man in full support of the "Great Commission Company" ideology, in fact one day I want to be apart of a company who holds these ideals, however, there are some questions that I have in regards to these companies. I know the book uses the scriptual reference of Paul the Apostle being a full-time leather worker during much of his ministry, but this reference has little or nothing to do with the concept that a Great Commission Company holds, as Paul was more like a person who worked to provide for himself to do ministry (i.e. like a missionary who teaches English). Beyond this reference of work and ministry, the bible does not really give much scope on the compatiblity of business and missions. With this in mind, "How can we be confident that we should combine business and missions?" A business' sole purpose is to create revenue, and by adding missions to the equation that would change its purpose, so with this change could it still be considered business? In my mind it seems it could no longer be considered business because the core fundamental has been altered and been replaced with a higer priority; so if it came down to it, the company would give up all profits to sustain the effectability of missions thus forfiting business aspect. Just as a Church works much like a business, because of the other variables in the equation it should never be called a business, that is as long as it stays true to its purpose.My major is International Business and I hope that one day I will get the opportunity to do business with China, however, I still struggle with my motives for wanting to do business. I want to make money, yet also be an impact for Christ, but I find that these two are hard to balance out. GCCs seem not to give the same benefits (income-wise) as a secular business, but they do seem to provide more opportunities to...

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1221 words - 5 pages The Silk Road is not a road at all it was a means of trade and travel. It is a giant web of cross roads and stops that offered a network of markets and places of trade scattered all over Asia. The Silk Road has different routes that lead to China, India, parts of Europe and everywhere in between. The Silk Road also managed to circulate trade amongst the Mediterranean and Europe, also trade was found throughout eastern Asia on the other end. Many

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518 words - 2 pages The Silk Road (100 BC - 500 CE)Silk is one of the most ancient commodities that was traded along the Silk Road, and is still used in most every part of the world. The Silk Road carried very significant products that most humans in the present day cannot live without. This combination of trade routes connected cultures and highlighted ways in which the many cultures of Europe and Asia were brought closer together through creative commercial and

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1050 words - 5 pages In ancient China, the Silk Road was an invaluable highway system used to transport valuable trade items and knowledge and ideas throughout Asia. Many valuable goods were shipped off and profit was made from trading with Rome, India, and China. With the Silk Road, valuable goods and ideas spread efficiently; areas were revolutionized and it allowed for cultural diffusion to occur. Many valuables were exchanged along the Silk Road, not only were

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868 words - 4 pages China in the province of Fukien until about the 16th century.12 • Sogdian merchants in towns such as Turfan and Dunhuang often converted to Buddhism.13 • With the advent of the Silk Road, around the 2nd century CE, many Buddhist monks began to travel to China, introducing Buddhism to the region. 14 Language • Chinese language adopted approximately 35000 new words with Sanskrit and Buddhist origins.15 • A single collection of documents found in

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1418 words - 6 pages animals. India was famous for its spices [1]. However, this situation then took a drastic change when the Silk Road was established by the Han Dynasty. The main purpose of this establishment was to maintain political contact with the kingdoms located in Central Asia. This route soon evolved into a trade route that connected China, Central Asia and Constantinople [2]. Sometime between 206 B.C and 220 A.D, Silk Road was known to be the main trade

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3056 words - 12 pages standard product, which, is uniform in finish and price amongst other things. India as I found out through my field trips is going down the road of the mechanised handicraft as well.According to a senior official at EPCH a mechanised handicraft is still a handicraft because it is mechanised only in terms of process not in terms of ideas--therefore as long as the idea, which is the design, in this case is from the artisan--the handicraft is still hand-I

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1626 words - 7 pages when there are two silkworms that spin cocoons that are joined together. South Africa is the most famous wild silk producer in the world especially due to the “Ganyesa Wild Silk project” that started 10 years ago to increase the silk production. India is also very famous for its hand-woven wild silk that is rich in texture with very wild and traditional patterns and colors. SILK ROAD The Silk Road played a huge role in the trading of silk

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799 words - 4 pages The Silk Road was brought about around 200 B.C.E as a trading route from Western Rome to the Han Dynasty. Innumerable diverse patterns of interaction have taken place since then, coming to a halt around 1450 C.E. These changes and continuities generally revolved around products, cultural expression, and religion. The products traded along the Silk Road played a crucial role in the patterns of interaction; the focus of the Silk Road. Ferghana


1779 words - 8 pages Intro Over the course of history, few human systems have held higher importance than the Silk Road in the Human Experience. The silk roads were a series of trade routes stretching nearly 4000 miles across Asia; created in roughly 206 AD with the Han Dynasty and dissolved in roughly 1453 AD with the fall of the Mongol Empire. The long-dstance political and economic relations developed between civilizations catalized the developement of all

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1228 words - 5 pages There are many driving forces that have been constantly steering the course of history, ever since human formed the first primitive society; undeniably, one of the most important factors that played such vital role is trading networks that spanned across Eurasia. Even though there are many various trade routes that took form during our latest 2000 years history; however, the two most important would be the Silk Road, which connected Rome to the

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684 words - 3 pages During 200 B.C.E. to 1450 C.E., the Silk Road changed from a simple trade route with Europe to an international business, and its political power shifted from the Chinese dynasties to the Mongols taking over the Silk Road; despite these political and economic changes, the Silk Road remained a trade route that facilitated cultural diffusion and exchange. Stretching beyond 4,000 miles and serving as a major trade route between China and western

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