The Silk Road (100 Bc 500 Ce)

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The Silk Road (100 BC - 500 CE)Silk is one of the most ancient commodities that was traded along the Silk Road, and is still used in most every part of the world. The Silk Road carried very significant products that most humans in the present day cannot live without. This combination of trade routes connected cultures and highlighted ways in which the many cultures of Europe and Asia were brought closer together through creative commercial and cultural exchanges that still continue today.The Silk Road was not jus one route but many routes, roads, and paths that headed in an east-west direction. Some routes were well developed and relatively free from bandits, while others were less protected and had fewer towns that offered shelter from the elements. All these roads, routes, and paths met at one point in a city known as Kashgar. For this motive, the city became one of the most important trade centers in Central Asia.Silk was not the only product traded along the Silk Road. Although silk was most remarkable for westerners, it was only one of the many items that were traded throughout the history of the Silk Road. Gold, precious metals, ivory, precious stones, and glass went towards China; while firs, gunpowder, jade, bronze objects, lacquers, and iron went west. Food was also one of the innovations that traveled along the Silk Road. Inventing new implements for growing crops, farmers of one region wanted to introduce these crop tools to farmers in far away places that might have no knowledge whatsoever of these innovations. Accordingly, they traveled throughout the regions, sharing these ideas...

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682 words - 3 pages business, but they do seem to provide more opportunities to do missions. My question is, "Is it possible to take advantage both an exhaustive income without being the owner and have time to put my whole heart into missions?"Now, I chose the "Silk Road Handicraft Company" case study because this company is located in Central Asia (which is an area of particular interest to me) and the mission statement caught me off guard, "To make money, to build

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1996 words - 8 pages urban areas. A key component behind the development of the Silk Road is cross-cultural trade. Sea trade was linked from the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. The Monsoon system enabled sailors to know where the wind blows in the summer and in the winter. Religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism traveled throughout the silk roads. “The Chinese empire had extended its frontier into central Asia during the 1st century BC and


1779 words - 8 pages leading to contact between China and Central Asia in about 2000 BC [guns citation]. As early as 1000 BC Chinese silk reached Ancient Egypt, [Lubec, G.; J. Holaubek, C. Feldl, B. Lubec, E. Strouhal (4 March 1993). "Use of silk in ancient Egypt". Nature 362(6415): 25. ], and in 800 BC Chinese art began to show significant Steppe Nomad influences. In about 500 B.C. The Persian Empire created a road that stretched roughly from the Meditteranean to

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885 words - 4 pages parts in present day Vietnam. During Wu Di's rule, came the Silk Road, around 100 BC. The Silk Road was a 4000-mile long trade route, named for the silk that was transported on it, which linked Rome with the then capitol of China, Chang'an. This road allowed china to now trade with states in Europe and near the eastern Mediterranean. At the time of Wu Di's death in 87 BC, it has said to be compared in size to that of the futures Roman Empire

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2253 words - 9 pages Macau and Hong Kong. These regions have different laws compared to mainland China for financial reasons (Janssen 765). ECONOMICS OF YESTERDAY AND TODAY Trade and Commerce From the Past. Trade and Commerce was a major portion of what shaped the areas of China. The Silk Road (100 B.C. to 1500 A.D.) is of importance when discussing this part of the topic. Many different items of Cultural importance throughout the many years of kingdoms

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1626 words - 7 pages when there are two silkworms that spin cocoons that are joined together. South Africa is the most famous wild silk producer in the world especially due to the “Ganyesa Wild Silk project” that started 10 years ago to increase the silk production. India is also very famous for its hand-woven wild silk that is rich in texture with very wild and traditional patterns and colors. SILK ROAD The Silk Road played a huge role in the trading of silk

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9497 words - 38 pages prospered.43. Silk Road· Definition: The Silk Roads are the many routes that were connected with each other for the exchange of goods.· There was evidence of the Silk Roads being used as early as 6000 through 40000 BCE by the ancient people of Sahara importing domesticated animals.· Europe and Asia are the regions in which are connected by the Silk Roads.· Cultural diffusion has been one of the positive outlooks of the Silk


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960 words - 4 pages be used as an indication that drought and desertification occurred and forced people from their place of origin. From 150 BC until AD 300, the Great Silk Road extended across Asia and acted as a mechanism for trade in luxuries from China.5 The Silk Road served as an avenue of cultural exposure and integration: introducing new languages, religions (Buddhism and Confucism), and commodities between the east and west. However, by the fourth century AD

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2129 words - 9 pages 975 4 175 Logistics (parts handling) 3 500 4 950 2 600 3 900 14 950 Freight 2 500 3 150 1 200 3 000 9 850 POP (customer Assis (part/unit sent)) 1 550 1 350 800 2 100 5 800 On-site HP CE 10 075 17 100 5 600 9 000 41 775 On-site Temps 775 900 600 600 2 875 On-site 3rd party CE 1 650 900 600 1 050 4 200 Courier 600 1 350 500 300 2 750 CE Assist 1 550 2 475

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1607 words - 6 pages have always been the centre of attention and desired by many invaders for wealth and power. This essay will give a rough idea about how these countries came to be but the major theme will be “The Silk Road” and how it connected Asia with the rest of the world, Mediterranean to northeast Africa and Europe. This essay will briefly explain how these “interconnectedness” between different parts of Asia influenced each other economically, religiously

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1221 words - 5 pages The Silk Road is not a road at all it was a means of trade and travel. It is a giant web of cross roads and stops that offered a network of markets and places of trade scattered all over Asia. The Silk Road has different routes that lead to China, India, parts of Europe and everywhere in between. The Silk Road also managed to circulate trade amongst the Mediterranean and Europe, also trade was found throughout eastern Asia on the other end. Many