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There are many different types of movies with many different purposes. Although the main purpose of the motion picture is to entertain, they can also teach important life lessons, and inform viewers. These lessons are sometimes taught directly, but most of the time they are indirect. Movies are a very popular and influential mass medium that can change the way people think. Therefore, movies are the best way to educate people, due to their influential tendencies.Movies, unlike most media, stimulate two of the human senses, instead of just one. Movies and television use both sight and sound to display their messages, therefore becoming much more engaging than a book, magazine, or newspaper. And as Encyclopedia Britannica words it: "Motion pictures are the most important narrative art form of the 20th century, having taken on the functions served earlier by dime novels, serial novels, staged melodramas, wax museum displays, epic paintings, and professional storytelling. These earlier forms continued into the century and were supplemented by comic books, radio, and television, but it is the motion picture that came to dominate them all" (Encyclopedia Britannica). The motion picture is proven to be the most powerful mass medium in the United States.The fact that movies are shown on a large screen and in a secluded area also plays a role. This ensures that the only focus is the film, and nothing else, keeping the audience's attention. This is what separates movies from television. In a movie theater, there are no real distractions, while in your home, watching TV, you can get up, go get something to eat, or do other things while you are watching. In a movie theater, you are usually glued to your seat, and your eyes glued to the screen, taking in all the information, and not even knowing you're doing it.Moral lessons are always an essential part of movies, whether they are expressed explicitly or more subtly. Movies are constantly sending messages of right and wrong, and good and bad. There is usually a conflict, or an antagonist that the "good guy" must defeat, or a problem they need to solve. Redemption is also a big theme in numerous movies, showing that one can overcome the "bad" if they follow a path of "goodness". Now the morals in movies may not be as obvious as they morals in Aesop's Fables, because they are not blatantly stated in the script, but they are there, and they have a definite impact on society. An example would be the movie, 12 Angry Men , a story about a jury trying to come to a verdict. The moral of this film is that you should stand up for what you think is right, even though no one else likes it. These morals have given people new views on life, and have taught many important lessons. Movies have been a major factor in the growth of viewers' morals, values, and beliefs.Aside from the movies purely for entertainment, like action films and slapstick comedies, there are also educational films, like documentaries, historical fiction...

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