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The Similarities Between Victor And The Monster

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Many people believe the the offspring of a couple is going to turn out very similar to its parents. The scots may have said it best with a proverb thats probably older than most men living today. “bu dual do dh'isean an ròin a dhol chun na mara” Literally translates into “it is a puppy seal's heritage to go to the sea” however it has a much deeper meaning than that. The proverb simply means “like father like son.” (Significado) Along with the concept of father like son, Mary Shelley was a romantic which was also a likely contributor to the similarities between these two characters. Victor and the monster, creator and created, share many similarities, including their relationships with nature, desires for family, and their overall want to do good.
Victor Frankenstein shows an increasingly noticeable relationship with nature throughout, mary shelley's frankenstein. Which is no surprise because romantics felt nature has a strong connection to everything. Victor was obsessed with the natural world, learning about life and death, and even learning how to reanimate dead objects. He even went to college to study biology, by choice and with enthusiasm. (Chapters 3–5) In the novel victor has many moments when he needs to clear his head and get away from it all, every time he goes somewhere into the wilderness and his life becomes bearable again. (Shelly 22) Almost as if nature had some sort of healing properties for him.
Not only does victor show a noticeable relationship with nature throughout the entire novel but the monster also has a strong connection with nature. He spent several days in the wilderness observing the De Laceys living in the wilderness. (Shelly 86) He was also able to acquire food from the wilderness. The nature also seems to calm him and make him more reasonable, instead of murdering all of victor's family and friends for no reason he explains why hes doing this and gives demands. Even though the monster was created by unnatural means he returns to the earth as all people do when they die.
Also, Victor has a strong desire for family and friends. Victor was brought up, happily, in a two parent household with his sister so its no surprise he would desire strong family ties. (Chapters 1–2) Several times during the novel victor and elizabeth tell each other they are going to get married. Victor desires family so much that he was willing to have the marriage even though the monster had threatened them. His love for family is also shown by the fact that almost every time someone is murdered he falls ill from the depression. Victor also undergoes a point where he is seriously considering making another monster so that this monster won't kill anymore people.
The monster also shows a strong want, almost need for family and friends. This isn't surprising because his father, victor, leaves him at birth and actually tries to kill it. In the first couple chapters the monster is shunned from villager due to his unsightly appearance. The...

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