The Similarities Of Characters In Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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How are Mr Utterson, Dr Jekyll, Dr, Lanyon and Mr Enfield the same and
why is Mr Hyde so despised by them?

During the Victorian era class and etiquette were considered to be
incredibly important and the Victorians held very specific ideas of
how people of a certain class and background should behave. Victorian
society had very unambiguous expectations of how the perfect gentleman
should conduct themselves, a stereotype which all the main male
characters fall into and one which Mr Hyde certainly does not.

However, everything was not all sunshine and light in the Victorian
era, there was also a shady side to their society, a side were
prostitution, drugs, and drink was common place and accepted. The
Victorian Upper Class always tried to ignore this part of their
society, it was thought of as something which was disgusting and
wrong, a lot like the way Mr Hyde was thought of. So to Mr Utterson,
Dr Jekyll, Dr Lanyon, and Mr Enfield Mr Hyde represents everything
they hate and strive against, he is the antithesis of themselves.

Mr Utterson, Dr Jekyll, Dr Lanyon and Mr Enfield are all alike because
they are all presented as well-educated, reputable men who come from a
good background. These men are very refined characters, always polite
and considerate (the fact that Dr Lanyon kept up relations with Dr
Jekyll for ‘old time’s sake’ even though he obviously disliked Dr
Jekyll shows that he is a courteous person). Nonetheless they are very
restrained, controlled men, never displaying much emotion, with of
course the exception of Dr Lanyon whose enthusiasm and ‘theatrical’
personality is brought to light when he welcomes Mr Utterson by
‘springing up from his chair and welcoming him with both hands’.

In Mr Utterson’s case his ‘austerity’ is made apparent when he is
described as ‘undemonstrative’ and ‘backward in sentiment’. However,
the complete opposite is true of Mr Hyde.

Mr Hyde is portrayed as a very emotional character who is not in
control of himself or his actions. This is brought to attention with
devastating consequences in ‘The Carew Murder Case’. This chapter
describes Mr Hyde’s ‘ferocious’ attack on his victim. He is described
as ‘listening with ill-contained impatience’ to Mr Carew which
demonstrates Mr Hyde’s lack of manners, and then how ‘all of a sudden
he broke out in a great...

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