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The Similarity Of Bollywood Films To High Concept American Films

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The Similarity of Bollywood Films to High Concept American Films

The term “high concept” is used to describe a script or film that a
person can easily understand after hearing just a few words, it also
means a film which is high budget and attracts a mass audience. To be
high concept the film needs to appeal to young and old audiences to do
this it needs to include aspects such as “fear”, “loneliness”,
”family” and “lost love.”

Bollywood films appeal to most of the Asian culture and religions
(Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist) the most common language being Hindi,
spoken by 40% of Asians so Bollywood films are usually spoken in
Hindi. India is the seventh largest country in the world, and has an
area of 3,287,570 sq km and consists of 28 states, very similar to
America, so no wonder why Bollywood is very alike to American high
concept films.

The Indian film industry produces around 800 films each year. Around
65 million people are estimated to attend cinemas in India each week.
There are about 13,000 cinemas.

In Bollywood films such as Armaan, there is a famous actor, “Anil
Kapoor.” He is the man who will attract the audience to the film as he
is recognizable for being in other Bollywood films. There is always a
hero and a villain, the villain usually has blond hair and is from the
western culture. The villains have to be represented as strong and
powerful. Bollywood films always follow the 9 rasa’s (love, social
issues, vengeance, separation, crime, reunion, family, patriotism and
destiny) without the 9 rasa’s the story wouldn’t be a Bollywood film.
The wife has a number of characteristics which are based on the
traditional values related to the role of the wife in Indian society.
The main function of the wife is to be obedient to her husband and to
make him happy. She must be faithful, loyal and a good manager of the
household affairs.

Bollywood films are popular because Asian has a large population
therefore it appeals to all Asians around the world and has no
certification so all ages can watch it. Younger audiences are able to
watch Bollywood films as the violence is made unrealistic and so they
can tell it is not real therefore they are made to be an active
audience. In India there is an average of 7 million cinema audiences
per week with 12,284 cinemas around India. For the film, “Armaan”, it
received, £111,124 (UK) (18 May 2003) showing on 27 screens, so this
just goes to show that Asian movies do get a response in England, or
this just because a huge population of East London are Asian, most

There is a religious aspect to Bollywood films, as most Asians are
very religious so they will keep interest and can relate to the film
more than English people.

There are a number of recognizable genres, and most films use the
“masala” format this means...

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