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The Singularity Essay

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The Singularity is an event being predicted by many of the world’s top scientists, an event where AI’s (Artificial Intelligences) progress to the point of greater than human intelligence and, through technology, revolutionize society.
The Technological Singularity is the moment in time an artificial intelligence progresses to the point that it is more intelligent than humans. Supposedly any events that happen after the Singularity are beyond our ability to predict because they are caused by an intelligence that is greater than us.

Is the singularity possible?
While some are sceptical of the Singularity theory others say that it is inevitable. With the exponential advancement of ...view middle of the document...

Some say that with the technological advancements the Singularity will bring we will become biologically immortal.
What will happen if (or when) the technological Singularity occurs? Will we be enslaved by a race of time travelling, AI controlled death-machines?
“I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.”- 2001: A space odyssey
Despite what pop culture would have you believe, a rampaging AI is not the only possible outcome of the Singularity. The popular trope of a homicidal Artificial Intelligence with an army of death robots is based off of the notion that AIs would be programmed with a set of core values remotely similar to ours. While humans are driven to survive, procreate and advance, a Singularity causing AI would only need to create and innovate. A creature that only wants to create things has no reason to take over the world or exterminate the human race.
According to many futurists the impending Singularity event will bring about a new age of enlightenment for mankind, an age where AIs and AI controlled workers fill any and every job available. Will this leave the majority of people in poverty? Prize winning...

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