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The Sino American Relationship Essay

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The Sino-American Relationship

     The main focus of this paper is to analyze the Sino-American relationship and the factors both past and present that make it a complicated and very important issue, as well as future expectations for the development of continued relations. American contact with China in the past has been less than positive and China is a country that values respect and honesty in its value system. China and the USA do not share the same view of the world. There has been much misunderstanding and even underhanded policy when it came to the USA, especially with the changing of our presidents. Clinton was a strong supporter of having Asia involved in the future of America. He urged that China become a part of the World Trade Organization to make the relationship that of a partnership. He had been quoted as referring to China as a strategic partner while Bush described China as a strategic competitor. (Tyler p1) Imagine the shock of China to be turned from favored friend to possible enemy within the period of less than a year. In my opinion this is a relationship that both sides can mutually benefit from however up until this point it has been clouded by great egos and failed policies. This is an extremely important issue to discuss because China is one of the largest nations in terms of billions of people, as well as an upcoming superpower. In the future China will become stronger in terms of production and business, and the USA would be wise not to cause permanent damage by ignoring treaties and past foreign policy. America must remember they cannot change the rules of the game in the middle of playing! America is a democratic nation that values human rights, and in that platform fights a moral war naturally which would put the USA at odds with China on more than one issue.

     My personal expectations for the future of China and America’s diplomatic relationship is that it will continue to deteriorate if the USA does not find a better way to deal with the current problems involving Taiwan. The issue that I am mainly concerned with is the one-China principle which is set to have Taiwan ruled by the Communist party and no longer be a democratic entity and China would have sovereignty over Taiwan. Clinton had long urged that the USA continue to abandon talks with Taiwan and stuck to that policy during much of his term as president, this had been a long standing rule in the USA for more than two decades. However the Bush administration has chosen to recognize Taiwan as a and allow their president Chen Shui-bain to arrive in the USA and meet with Congress. China is now in a very difficult position with such actions taking place, the USA is making them lose face, which according to Chinese culture and social practice is a very severely offensive action, damaging the ego and integrity of China. America is leaving China no choice but to back away from any goodwill that has been generate in the past. Chinese Foreign Ministry...

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