The Case For And Against Genetic Engineering

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The case for and against genetic engineering

I will look at the case for and against the use of genetic engineering
and make a conclusion on whether or not I believe that it is right. As
I believe in genetic engineering, I will start buy looking at the
reasons that support it.

The main reason that I support genetic engineering is that this
technology has dramatically improved our ability to treat and even
cure diseases and gentic disorders. If mRNA is isolated and incubated
with reverse transcriptase, copies of the insulin genes can be
produced. Density gradient centrifugation is used that allows large
amount of insulin to be extracted. The reason why this is important is
that “it has been estimated that 60 million people in the world who
have diabetes and who require daily injections of insulin” and
“genetically engineered insulin human insulin is cheaper to produce
and less likely to produce allergic reactions”. (Bio Factsheet Number
13- The uses of genetic engineering Page 2). This is important as it
means governments can buy more insulin than using insulin from the
“pancreases of pigs and cattle” (Same source as before) at a cheaper
rate and also a safer supply. This can be beneficial to third world
countries as they have high populations, yet small amounts of capital.

Another major reason for genetic engineering is the benefits on crops.
Genetically modified crops have an increased “shelf life enabling the
tomatoes to be stored for longer periods of time” (Bio Factsheet
Number 69- Examples of genetically modified crops Page 3). This has
benefits to both the producer and consumer as products, such as
tomatoes, can be left on sale longer and also once the consumer has
bought them, they will be able to be consumed within a lengthened
period of time. Another benefit of is that they have higher yields,
therefore not only can crops last longer, but more can be produced to
meet consumer demand. This important for British farmers if they are
wanting to sell their products abroad. Also GM crops can be “grown in
areas of famine where there is poor rainfall”. (Bio Factsheet Number
69 Page 3). This is important as it means developing countries have a
better chance of being self sufficient.

The Guide to Biotechnology (Page 3) states that it is possible with
“genetic modification to improve existing proteins, usually enzymes,
and to create proteins not found in...

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