The Situation In Dprk, Non Proliferation Essay

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As technology develops, countries are seeking better energy resources which can help their nation to prosper. Due to the reducing amount of fossil fuels and other energy resources, nuclear energy is served as the perfect alternative. Nuclear energy is the world’s largest source of emission-free energy. It helps to keep the air clean and preserves the Earth’s climate. However, due to the radioactive waste from nuclear energy, it might cause pollution of water and soil. When the nuclear power plant is destroyed, it causes serious problems due to radioactive substances that leak. We can see the seriousness by taking a look at Fukushima in Japan. Nuclear waste has caused great damage not only to ...view middle of the document...

To DPRK, nuclear arsenal is an intimidatory measure which can keep the USA in check while making Republic of Korea secure. Nowadays, DPRK is highly provoking the Republic of Korea and other international societies. Due to this situation, this delegate believes that DPRK needs non-proliferation as soon as possible.

The delegate of France fully believes that all member states should stop providing financial support for trade with DPRK, since this financial aid could contribute to the DPRK’s nuclear or ballistic missile programs or other banned activities.

Also, member states should prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer to or from DPRK or its national, through its territories or by its nationals, or using its flag vessels because such items could contribute to the DPRK’s nuclear or ballistic missile programs and other activities.

Furthermore, DPRK should have clear transparency on their nuclear-weapon making activities so other nations can keep the eye on DPRK’s movement. DPRK has been threatening the international security by nuclear-weapon. For all the member states to be aware of the disaster happening cause by nuclear-weapons,...

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