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The Problem Of Drinking In Our Society

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The Problem of Drinking in Our Society On a recent learning channel special alcohol was introduced as being
extremely hazardous and sometimes fatal when used irresponsibly.
Alcoholism is a disease classified as the need for alcohol that
affects over 8.1 million Americans. Twenty percent of all suicide
victims are alcoholics. Excessive drinkers who are not alcoholics risk
suffering from long-term health conditions, such as liver failure,
which often require hospitalization and transplantation, and can
result in death. Even consumers that think they are not in danger of
the above conditions are still susceptible to the accidents that occur
more frequently when alcohol is involved due to the drug interfering
with the judgment skills within the brain. Over 16,000 unnecessary
deaths each year are caused by intoxicated drivers. When pregnant
mothers drink alcohol they risk Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol
Effects, and other birth defects including intellectual impairment,
and behavioral problems that lead to life-long physical and metal
problems. On top of this, offenders in thirty-seven percent of rapes
and sexual assaults, fifteen percent of robberies, and twenty-seven
percent of aggravated assaults were drunk when they committed the
crime. Alcohol contributes to 100,000 avoidable deaths each year.
There are three main points that people may argue: moderate alcohol
consumption is actually beneficial to ones health, it is traditional
that alcohol has been produced for over 12,000 years for religious and
celebratory purposes, and it is natural that beer and wine are made
from natural ingredients such as cereal grains and grapes.

Studies have reached unexpected conclusions about the benefits of
drinking alcohol regularly. The British Medical Journal has stated the
results to a recent study saying that individuals who drink a pint of
beer every day have less risk of a heart attack than those who don't
drink at all. Another study by The British Journal of Psychiatry
states that the mental decline related to aging slows when one
consumes alcohol moderately.

In many cultures, alcoholic beverages have been consumed since
recorded history for religious, medicine, or recreational purposes.
Traditionally, beer was used by the ancient Babylonians and wine by
the Hebrews in religious ceremonies. It is believed the community
drank together to progress to a sense of belonging and good
neighboring. In medicine, alcohol has been used to relieve pain and to
increase the appetite, and in many cultures it is still considered a
necessary ingredient for good health and a well balanced meal.

People may also point to past attempts to abolish alcohol from our
society, such as prohibition. Instead of ending crime and making our

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