The Situation Of Stereotypes In Point Loma High

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Stereotypes in our society can be a major problem, but can be an extremely big problem to teenagers. In my school, stereotypes has a wide range of impact to our students. In our class we had read an article based on stereotypes.Writer and musician, Shankar Vedantam, in his article, “How a Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” claims that if you mention a person race they may have a lower performance on tests. He supports his claim by first explaining that when a person is tested by a person from a different race than them they get a slightly lower score,then he explains how he did research and it shows that if you mention their race before they take a test , they would get a lower score than they usually would. Vedantam purpose is to inform us on how stereotypes seem to affect people’s success. He adopts a serious and urgent tone so he is able to inform us with information. This article that we had read caused us to do our ...view middle of the document...

Most of our students find that they have troubles with stereotypes at school, but mostly out of class. They also label theirself mostly as teenagers, students, and athletes. Nearly all of our students we interviewed said they just ignore it when a situation like this happens.
African Americans said that usually they are not very successful in school, and that they like curtin foods, like chicken and watermelon. Asian Americans said that most people see them as they are good at math. Hispanics/Latinos mention about the stereotypes of that they are illegal aliens, they are poor and most of their teenage girls get pregnant. Lastly, whites have trouble with the stereotype that the white females are into Starbucks and wear uggs.
Some people can be affected by these stereotypes, including myself. For example, a couple of years ago I was affected by this situation, because people labeled me by these stereotypes. People have been bullying me all the time because I was consider as a gothic, weird, white girl. I was hating everything about going to school so, I tried to attempt suicide. But, instead I ended up going to a mental hospital for about two weeks. Then later on, after I got out, I later learned on how to deal with these problems. It not only me though that has these problems.
At our school, Point Loma High, we have problems of these stereotypes, which may of been a reason for some of our school violence that we had over the time. Many of the students here tend to be affected by these stereotypes. So, sometimes if one person brings up about a stereotype, the other person may be offended, which may result in the person reaction of throwing a punch or something even worse. I believe that we should try to work on towards fixing these problems.
What we can do to help us solve this problem is that we should try to first understand the person before trying to label them. Also, we should learn how to handle it properly if anyone ever try to affect us with these stereotypes instead of ignoring it. As for myself, I’m going to not take it as seriously as I did before, and also learn on how to embrace it. I want everyone else to try and learn on how to deal and accept with others, no matter how different they are.

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