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The Six Day Way In 1967 Between Israel And The Arabs

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Israel was a peaceful nation that didn't promote for war and tried to gain peace treaties. Because of the Six Day War, Israel actually gained more than what they expected. The Six Day War turned out to be for the good and it back-fired on the Arabs. The United States of America helped Israel defeat the Arabs and other nations against the Israelis to succeed in the war. We all know about the racism towards that country and it is believable that there were so many enemies against Israel because of this intolerance. In six days, Israel won military victories that changed the face of the Middle East.The Six Day War of 1967 was between Israel and the Arabs and the cause was believed to be started by Nassar, the President of Egypt. He allied with all the surrounding nations and it was his decision to close the Straits to Tiran, a place where Israel was shipped in their goods, and that lead to Israel having no choice but to fight back. 1 Nassar did not intend on starting war, secretly he was just trying to prove to the Jordanians, Saudis, and Syrians that he was the champion and best leader of the Middle East. It was meant to be as a good impression, but got out of hand and led to war. 2President Gamal Abdel Nasser quotes:---"Our basic aim will be to destroy Israel. Wehave fully resolved to wipe Israel off the map." 3Levi Eshkol, a 72 year old man, was a Prime and Defense Minister that took over the military defense for Israel. People liked him and it was a sigh of relief to hear he was in charge of Israel's defense actions. 4 While Israel was celebrating their independence Day celebrations in May of 1967, Nasser moved his troops and forces into the Sinai, which meant Israel was in a great risk. 5 On may 23rd, 1967, Nasser closed the Straits to Tiran and it left Israel with no supplies from East Africa and Asia, half of the world, basically indicating he meant war. The Middle East soon turned into a powder keg. The Egyptians had 900 tanks, more than 20 war-planes, and about 80,000 troops. Syria had 6 brigades and 300 tanks. The Israelis developed 275,000 troops, 1,093 tanks, and 203 airplanes. 6Abba Eban left Israel and was on his way to Washington, London, and Paris to explain to the Prime Minister and President about the strait and how Israel didn't want to tolerate it. To the French President, Charles de Gaulle, Eban was trying to explain that he came to Paris in hope of preventing the war, but by misunderstanding Gaulle thought Israel was determined to go to war. 7 British Prime Minister Harold Wilson agreed the blocking shouldn't be allowed, all that he could do was...

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