The Skills And Qualities Necessary Required To Establish And Maintain An Effective Working Relationship

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The Skills and Qualities Necessary Required to Establish and Maintain an Effective Working Relationship In this essay I have chosen to explore the skills and qualities
required to establish and maintain an effective working relationship
with my mentor in practice in the role of supervisee. I will discuss
communication skills, willingness to learn, self-awareness,
assertiveness, open-mindedness, reflective skills as criteria of
mentee to establish working relationship with mentor.

The term mentor originates from Greek mythology, was first introduce
in academic and business world of north America (Laurent 1998) used in
United Kingdom with the implementation of project 2000 in the national
health service (Bracken 1989) to help smooth transition from student
to professional. (Philips et al 1996, Grey M and Smith1999). The
dictionary defines a mentor as a trusted counselor or guide. A mentor
is generally an influential, experienced individual with whom mentee
establish a personal relationship and who actively helps mentee reach
their goals. The terms mentorship are designated to staff nurses who
engage in a multitude of roles supporting student nurses in the
clinical setting. (Quinn2000). And reducing the theory practice gap
(Earnsaw 1995). Mentorship is a mechanism that promotes safe and
effective practice, maintains standards and accountability, and
develops nurse practitioners autonomy.

Proctor (1998) has grouped supervisees' skills under three functions:
formative, supportive and normative. Supervisee should be keen,
capable, trustworthy, attentive, and be able to ask questions (Hart
1982). Myric and Younge (2002)talk about the need for collaborative
relationship. Bulmer (1997) identifies the importance of Commitment,
time keeping or punctuality,ability to accept constructive criticism
as characterstics of mentee.Mentee should be Honest about how they
work what they think and what they feel (Driscoll2000). Mentee should
open to feedback, assertiveness, willingness to learn, open and
available for learning opportunities, have good communication skills,
reflective skills, open mindedness, ability to build and maintain
trust (Bond M and Holland 1998, Page S and Wosket V 2001).

Open-mindedness includes an active desire to listen to more sides than
one. Open mindedness is needed to give full attention to alternative
possibilities: to recognise the possibility of error even in the
beliefs that are dearest to us. It is an ability to consider other
points of view and other approaches to problem in light of ones own
ideas. It is an attitude, which encourage the individual to grapple
with new ideas. Sometimes supervisee may not feel comfortable talking
about their practice perhaps because they do not feel...

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