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The Skills That Lead To Success

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1 in 50 American children are homeless. There are about 1.5 million children in America each year who are homeless,(“How many children in America are homeless?”). Are these children able to break away from the way they were raised? Are there other factors to why these children are homeless? Is there anyway people can help these children find success in the future?
Most children who are homeless have to break free from their parents and how their parents raised them. As the children grow into adults they have to forget their childhood to make sure they don’t make the mistakes. At the same time, they need to remember the hardships they went through in their childhood. If they remember those ...view middle of the document...

She was on the road to disaster if she followed in her parent’s footsteps. When your family is involved in drugs it’s hard not to get involved yourself. In one study done in Los Angeles, 71% of the homeless children they surveyed were using drugs. Most of those children probably followed in their parents’ footsteps,(Wyman).
The second factor that affects people all over the world is choices people make. One bad choice that a person makes can ruin their life forever. Rex and Rose Mary Walls started to realize that they made many wrong choices. “I’m a grown woman now,” Mom said almost every morning. “Why can’t I do what I want to do?”(Walls, 74). Rose Mary complains that she can never do what she wants to do because she has children. To her, having children is a bad choice she has made. She never has enough money to keep them living healthy. They are also always on the skeedaddle which is not good for small children. If a person gets mad and goes out and kills someone, that is the end of the life they knew before. Everybody needs to be very careful of the choices they make everyday.
The last main factor is personality. Depending if a person is hard-working or laid back can determine if that person will be able to get out of the problems they are in. Liz Murray was very hard-working and it worked out for her. She finished high school in 2 years instead of the normal 4. She also earned herself a scholarship to Harvard. Most kids can’t even get into Harvard if they have a steady life. Jeannette Walls told herself she would never live how her parents live. She worked hard and now has a happy life with a husband and a steady income. People have to be motivated at all costs to get the job done. People also need to be dedicated to making their life...

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