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The Sky Village Essay

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  What is sustainability? The definition is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to their needs”, and “the “needs” referred to are broad, and are addressed by the three “E’s” of sustainability --environment, economy, and equity.” (Lallier 11). In this paper, I will use my hometown as background to crate a sustainable community. I will separate my whole village recycling system into 4 parts, these are the food, the energy, the tree and the water.
  This is a small village in GuangDong province, China. This village has small population which has 278 people live in 56 houses, and the houses distribute with a half moon pattern. The village is ...view middle of the document...

Most of the time, we need to feed them for a years, because we don’t use any chemical fodder. Like the pig, we feed them with the potherb and some vegetable which can regrow fast; for the other animal we use the grain and the bran to feed them. Of course, each family won’t feed too much livestock because we need to keep the system can sustainable. So each livestock within my village is sharable. We will grow some vegetable in the terrace. We never grow the vegetable obey the people’s wishes, we will totally obey to the plant’s growth characteristics and cycle. Such as we grow edible amaranth and loofah in the spring; grow Chinese cabbage and leaf mustard in the summer; grow eggplant and long beans in the fall; grow snow bean and Chinese green radish in the winter. In addition, we grow some vegetable which is fit for whole years to grow, such as watercress and potato. We will collect the livestock’s stool to apply fertilization for the vegetables. That is the important methos for my villager to keep my food system can sustainable. About how to water the rices and the vegetables , it is concerning with the water system. I need the water to water the vegetable and the rices, but I also need them to hold the water and soil So we will use the drip irrigation technology to save the water. That is the general idea for my food system, I consider this food recycling system is good for my village to develop in the future.
  Second, I will talk about my energy recycling system. We will make best use of the solar and the wind resources to produces energy for my village. We will install solar panel for each house, and set up giant windmill to collect wind resources for my village electric power supply. When me lack of these resources, we have another important system to supply the energy which call biogas generating pit system. That is the main method for each family to cook and light. According to Middlemiss, “We can build a methane-generating pit for each family where is close to the bathroom and the animal house, because we need the stool to produces the methane because the methane is produced by the stool’s fermentation”(272). The weakness of the biogas-generating pit is the gas production rate is depending to the season. It can produce more gas in the summer than the winter, because the summer’s temperature id higher than the winter’s, and the high temperature is good for the the stool to ferment. So we need add some fermentation adjunct to the stool in the winter. The methane we can use for cook and light , even though that is rainy day or lack of wind resources, we still have enough energy to live. We won’t use any natural gas or coal in our village, we also won’t install any refrigerator or air condition or heater in our village. We will use fan and the evaporative air cooler in the summer and ask the villager wear more clothing in the winter. We will always have some extra methane, so the villagers management will collect the extra methane to...

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